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    Hey guys I absolutely love Hi-Point pistols. My cousin has the JC 40 S&W and I love shooting it. Reliable and accurate pistol. Since it is the older version it has the mag release on the bottom of the pistol grip. Now I will be getting a .45, the JHP so of course it has the huge rubber grip on the bottom of the mags. I really hate that thing, the rest of the PISTOL is GREAT. I had seen someone up here who had modified their mags or something b/c the rubber grip was not on the bottom. Is there a way you can take that off, or does anyone know if Hi-point will make some mags w/o that on it. Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. I thought they have smaller capacity mags that don't have that big plastic butt. I know they have it for the JCP 40. I also know some people on here have modded mags from the 1911 to fit in the JHP .45.