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  1. I am in the market for a new digital powder scale and want to know what your guys are using and how you like it. Currently I have a Lee Safety beam scale, which I hate (perhaps hate is a mild word but this is old world technology and I prefer modern gadgets), and a small Franklin Arsenal pocket scale that I do not trust at all.

    So... what digital scales are you guys using and the pro's/con's of your scale.
  2. I am using a digi-weigh and I can't stand the damn thing. I got it for $60.00 at the local gun store, and it's funny, I can do even numbered powder weights, but not odd numbers, even on the decimals too. I hate it.

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    Why do you hate your Lee? I use one all the time with no problems. Its not very fast but if you need to reload that fast you are moving at a commercial loading rate.

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    I use a lyman 1500xp, and love it. it works like a dream. They cost @$160, I bought mine off the local online classifieds NIB for $75. Seems the guy won it as a door prize at a gunshop and he didn't reload.
  5. Because it is a beam scale and I do not like using beam scales. If it were about 15% larger with more precise markings I would be a bit more satisfied.

    I work in the chemical industry and am spoiled to user friendly, easy to use, accurate and precise digital scales. I looked at a Lyman 1200 digital scale with automated powder dispenser/trickler at a local shop this afternoon and that is more along the lines of what I want. Gonna see if I can talk the guy down a bit on the used on he has, if not I will keep looking.
  6. I personally feel more confident using a beam scale for weighing powders than with an electronic scale. I use the Lee powder scale for my powder readings and I use the Frankford Arsenal Digital scale for weighing batches of bullets and cases for uniformity. While the digital scale seems to be consistent, I'd rather trust the law of gravity over a battery when it comes to safety of my loads.

    Whatever brand of scale you use, I believe you'd be more confident finding a beam scale which suits your fancy, whether it be from RCBS, Lyman, Redding, Lee, Dillon, etc. Pretty much everyone makes a decent beam scale now.