Dihydrogen Monoxide.

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  1. Remember your chem. class . This for fun :D . I posted this on another board a couple of years ago and a Mod. moved it to the health section of the site. :roll:

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    I've heard some politicos want to ban dihydrogen monoxide. That is, until they learn what it is. Way to funny. :lol: :lol: :lol:

  3. I'm sorry, that website just reminded me of my crazy neighbor I used to have when I lived by one of the mental hospitals here in Washington. Nice enough lady, but she never stopped talking about how everything was poisoned, and it was a government conspiracy to kill off the population, but really was run by the lizard people, but they were controlled by the Grays, and the chem trails that the planes from McChord sprayed on us, so don't go outside, and if you do wear a gas mask, and watch out for the government agents living across the way, and............wow, I'm glad I moved.

    But yeah, that website reminded me of that whole experience. Pretty tin-foil-ish to me........I'm gonna go find my gas mask and put it on now. And a raincoat, cause, you know......... :p
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    Laugh if you will, but DHMO causes more death and destruction every year than just about any other cause! It destroys habitats, homes, acts as a carrier for numerous other toxins, and will even corrode your weapons and ammo!!!

    That said, it's an excellent cleaner and works as a great additive to plant foods to really help green up your lawn, perk up your plants, and increase blooms on flowers!
  5. Let us not forget !!!

    EPA Refuses to Confirm or Deny Coverup
    In spite of a direct query for information, the EPA refused to deny the existence of a coverup. The researcher, who reported to us under conditions of anonymity, sent correspondence asking if the EPA knows more about Dihydrogen Monoxide than it is telling us.

    Dihydrogen Monoxide in the Dairy Industry
    The use of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) by farmers in the U.S. and internationally is prevalent. Typical of this is the widespread use of DHMO in the U.S. dairy industry. The facts surrounding DHMO's presence in the nation's milk supply are surprising. What may be even more surprising is the silence of the U.S. Government on the issue of DHMO in the milk our families drink every day.
    Is this why our milk is costing more?
    Spot ( with his tin foil hat securly glued in place)
  6. You guys are missing the big picture. In many areas already, and many more to come, DHMO is used to GENERATE POWER!!!! That's right, POWER! And the good news, as global warming progresses a by-product seems to be more DHMO although further studies are needed. This being the case, solutions to energy dependency are around the corner.

    Honda, BMW and other are working on hydrogen engine technology who's exhaust contains a large portion of DHMO. This get deposited right into the atmosphere. This is all a bit scary for me.
  7. i used to pull this on my friends....funny how many people don't know what it is.
  8. kind of reminds me of this...
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    LMAO, two hydrogen, one oxygen... H2, O... H2O! Ban that evil substance!!!
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    That lady is not as crazy as she sounded...

    www.infowars.com is an example of researchers finding out some weird things going on with US politicians, one of them would be the Georgo Guide Stones which pretty much tell us they want to wipe out 80% of mankind so they can restore natural order or some crap like that :dn:

    i'm a bit of a conspiracy researcher and I have seen a UFO before and I feel that there is more going on than we can perceive...
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    I firmly believe that the DHMO is a government conspiricy first started by al gore to promote global warming and his agenda . With the auto industry slowly going over to auto's that release DHMO into our streets is . Before we know it we will be dependant on DHMO if we not already .
  12. Dude, I'm with ya to a point. After doing some of my own research, there's no doubt the global warming crew and Algore have played a huge part in the DHMO scare, and are using DHMO to set world policy. However, I've found references as far back as Columbus and the Vikings using DHMO on long voyages - some think THEY brought it to our country! So who has polluted who, I ask you! Before the UN gets their claws in our pocket books (any more), I've considered joining a class-action suit against Europe for the historical injustices wrought on our country. Can you imagine the outrage, if we had brought DHMO to their country!!! Yes, I'm thinking lawsuit, global cleanup and superfund status..... and if I have even 1 hint of long term exposure impact, I'm going after reparations. Those b*******..................
  13. Good one. Was getting frustrated and had a couple clues as to what it actually was, but had to wiki it before I knew for sure.
  14. GAH! I didn't know what it was. I really should have paid attention in school. But I never had any chemistry class.