I recently read article on a different blog that slammed Hi-Point. The poster basically said if you carry the Hi-Point you are as good as dead.

I'd like to respond to that I carry my 40 caliber High Point concealed everyday I take in the appropriate classes and I qualified with a 96% efficiency. I got robbed in 2013 twice each time they got around $500 from me. The third person who attempt it to rob me, simply let's say, left with wet drawers. The 4th person, who attempted a home invasion on me, is now deceased.

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I think it's a terrible situation when a person in a wheelchair who lives by himself, is 60-years old and is a believer in the Jewish religion, cannot walk the streets or in my case roll down the street without having to carry a firearm.

If you're a Disabled American living on Social Security and you can't afford a $600 or higher price gun then take it from me Hi-Point.40-caliber JCP works just fine for the job it has to do.

Yes I count on it every time I put it on my waist, and yes I carry mine everyday and if anybody ever thanks it won't work I'll be happy to let him know it does.

I'd like to think this form for allowing me to post tonight