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decided to take my .308 bolt action and 995TS to Lytle creek gun range with a friend of mine also with his .308 bolt action and his 995TS . Well i started shooting my 995TS and dialing in my new Vortex Red dot at 50yrds and was doing very well with nice groupings . Next think i know i see something fly off my Carbine and bounce onto the ground and it was (2) batteries and what looks like a piece of plastic

i stop shooting and look at my new flashlight/laser and notice the battery compartment cover has fallen off result of a broken tab from the tremendous recoil of a PCC 9mm rd . I put the batteries back in and get the cover to close/lock and then notice all i've got is a $50 laser that no longer functions as a flashlight as the recoil killed the bulb

Now back to the Vortex Strikefire red dot this is an awesome optic and once dialed in i was making nice groupings and in the kill zone on the target . I went thru 60 rds and just had fun with this Red Dot

Now i switched over to my .308 Savage but then quickly noticed i forgot an important part of my rifle and left it at home !!! ......... yep forgot the F'n bolt !! . Luckily my friend let me borrow his bolt while he was splaying with his 995TS . Started to get it dialed in at 100 yards when my friend wanted to try my rifle and that's when the other problem happened . about 15-20 rds in as i was helping him sight my rifle in a 100yrds my brand new Muzzle brake decides it wants to follow the bullets path and land some 15 yrds away from were i was shooting and landing in the dirt close to the 25 yrd line

next thing i 'm telling my friend to stop shooting when he realizes himself that his shoulder is hurting because of the increased recoil . So at range cease fire we went out onto the range to get my muzzle brake and looked at it but couldn't find any damage from a round impacting/hitting it and possibly just muzzle blast pushed it off because of the 180 grain bullets i was using

So we stopped shooting my .308 because the recoil was like getting kicked by a pissed off mule and didn't want to hurt our shoulders anymore . So now we both are shooting his .308 and finally got it dialed in @ 100 yrds and all i can say this rifle is like a tack driver /nail gun we both were hitting the metal gongs at 100 yrds with ease and these gongs are 6" dia . Using 150 grain bullets the recoil was like a 9 mm and it was so F'n easy to hit these gongs . It was like place the cross hairs quickly at the gong pull trigger and the gong would spin around from the impact

I even hit the gong at least 8 times it was so f'n easy as it required little to no effort to do this . His scope is nothing like my 6-24x50 but a bushnell 3-9x40 with no mil dots just cross hairs and it was way to easy

Can't wait to remount my Muzzle brake on my .308 rifle and get back to the range and play with those gongs at 100 yrds as my scope makes it look like it is only 25 yrds or less away . near the end of the day since there was no one else there we were aiming and shooting at all the gongs at 100 yards and there was 8 of them and both of us had no problems hitting ea and every one of them
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