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  1. Took my ATI-995 apart the other day to put on new foregrip. While apart, took the time to clean and lube. Took to the range today to site it in - which was very easy - this gun is SWEET!

    BUT - after three mags worth, the action started to hangup. I pulled it to load first cartridge, it stopped after about quarter inch. Huh? Removed mag, reset everything, reload, pull slide, stick. Hmmmm.

    Remove mag, operate slide, and sure enough, it's now binding at the rear of travel. I can push it forward, but it won't go forward on it's own reliably. Crap. Gun in back, collect targets, curse a bit and come home.

    Anyone have this happen? If so, potential causes? Fixes? Beer?

    EDIT...... IT was sticking on a bent firing pin!! That's interesting. How'd I bend a firing pin? So probably shouldn't have done this, but I grabbed a screw driver and bent it back! Now the action moves with no issues.

    So should I replace the pin? Call for a spare? Could the pin have been bent by trying to charge a magazine that wasn't inserted the whole way, and catching on a jammed cartridge? What's the meaning of life anyhow?

    All input welcome!
  2. This one I can help you with, it's 42. It's the qusetion that's the toughie.

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    Ahh, the bent firing pin.

    Next to the trigger, I think that's the one part that just SCREAMS out for a more durable aftermarket replacement.
  4. If you get the firing pin bent back good and straight, I would not hesitate to use it. But I would still call and get a replacement, once it bends, its just a matter of time before it bends again.

    Did you have any jams? That may be one possible cause of a bent pin.
  5. Damn..... I had my money on 38. Nuts.

    EDIT to the Range Report: After hammering the firing pin back into place, I said what the hey, and returned to the scene. I went through 6 full mags like no one's business - bang, bang, bang.... holy crap! No issues, no nothing except a perfect outing. So I guess I'll just keep her lubed and ready. The trouble starting when I think about it, when I charged on a fresh mag, that wasn't fully seated. I think the pin bent then. This is the one part I don't like about the ATI - You really got to be sure the mag's in there.

    EDIT 2 - after hitting submit, I read your post, Mr. W. Yes, I think charging on the loose mag did it. And she shoots fine now. I like the idea of getting a spare. I'll call next week. Thank you!

  6. That is absolutely correct: six times nine IS 42 :wink:
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    Id like to see HP make a firing pin out a grade or two harder metal. That or se if bushman can put his machining skills to use.

  8. ....hope Primal doesn't see this thread. He'll take down the titanium path again I bet! :lol: :lol:
  9. I keep getting outbid on titanium rods on Ebay.

    Anyways, it is getting looked at... but its far behind in a line of stuff I need to do.
  10. My 4095 did the same thing .I used a tack hammer and a flat on my punch for a anvil and it fixed the problem.I ordered a firing pin and in 5 days it was here.
  11. You'd figure HP would've already made a better firing pin if it were economical. We know it's already been redesigned, and we know they've upgraded the materials on other parts (like the magazine release, which used to be plastic, now metal.) It just must be cheaper for them to just send out cheap replacements than to just fit a really nice one in at the factory.
  12. Oh my name is Newskate9 and I think I'm funny!!! HA HA HA HA HA [/scarcasm]

    :D Dumbarse!
  13. I have 4 and about to have 5 (when the new stock comes out for the 4095) hi-points and I've never had this kinda problem.
    I have a 995 in an ATI stock that I never fired in the factory stock and have so far put 500 rounds thru it with a FTF which I think was something my wife did (don't tell her I said that).
    You guys hard on guns are what? Just don't ask to borrow mine!
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  15. Don't ya just love when the special can recommend what part of it to eat? :)
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