Disapponiting range visit

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    Finally got to take the 995 to the range today.
    I have it installed in a ATI stock.
    I wish I would have test fired it before installing it into the ATI stock.
    Today I had FTF issues up the wazoo!! :x
    I was using Remington UMC 9mm which I do not think was the issue becuase it fed fine in my other pistols.
    The problem with the feed is it seems the round would become slightly cocked before entering the barrel,now would this be more of a magazine issue such as feed lips,or the ramp needing a polish?
    Some rounds would feed fine but it seems they were near the end like the last 4-5 rounds left in the magazine.
    My firing pin is fine and not bent,If I pulled the charge lever back slightly I could manipulate the round in the chamber and fire it off.
    Is there any known cure?Just want to see if I can correct this issue before putting it back into the factory stock.