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    Just how big of a pain is full disassembly? I am wanting to polish some of the visible steel(barrel, screws, and saftey lever). I think that would definitley set it off. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

    I am also thinking of painting the frame OD green. Thanks in advance.
  2. Although Hi Point does not recommend disassembly, if you are handy with weapons it is not hard at all.

    Lock the slide to the rear, take the pin out with a 3/32 punch, lift the slide and let it go forward and its apart.

    Pay attention to any small parts that may move out of place so you know where they go

    If you take the hand guards off do not over tighten the screws when you put them back on as the holes can strip out easily.

  3. I personally shun recomendations, and took mine apart the first day. It took me about an hour to re assemble, but after that I can tear one completely down and have back together in 10 minutes or so. Just take your time. I would love to see some of your cosmetic mods.
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    Awesome, so if something goes wrong, I can ship you a box of loose parts?JK
  5. If you have trouble getting it back together, if someone here can't coach you through it, Hi Point will put it back together for you :)
  6. Sure no problem. All i will charge is a 6 pack of bud.
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    On my C-9, when you lock the slide all the way back, the pin is NOT complealy exposed. I have to push the slide back about another 32 of an inch to get my punch on the pin. It's like the clearance holes for the pin are not back far enough. Next time I take it apart, I plan on opening the notches up a bit. The way I do it now is put a screwdriver blade in the "safty/slide hold" slot and push the slide back with that.

    BTW it would be nice if that saftey was a bit bigger, and also did a slide release. Would make it much better for swapping mags.

  8. Bingo! I was scanning the existing posts to see if anyone mentioned this before adding my tuppence. I posted this to the "HiPoint Suggestions" thread some time ago.
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    I take my C9 apart and clean it ever other range visit. It's surprisingly very simple internally. Besides the fact that you need a rubber mallet, disassembly and reassembly are a breeze once you've done it once or twice.
  11. When i got my 380 i wanted it apart so bad to figure out how it worked, but i was uneasy because i hard the same thing you did about disassembly. Granted its no Walther 990 or anything that simple but its not HARD either.
  13. Can't think of a beter combo than beer and firearms. :shock: Juist kidding.