Discharge while "cleaning"

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    In browsing through a weekly roundup of gun "accidents" (note: if you're a rightwinger, please don't click on the link, I'm not trying to cause stroke or apoplexy) I'm struck by the number of instances where a firearm was reported to discharge while "cleaning" (well, this week one owner was "replacing the grips", and one was "reloading" a revolver!). The gun owners sometimes include police officers. Does anyone ever actually try to clean a loaded gun? Wouldn't the first thing (after removing the magazine) be to open the action so you can get at the places that need to be cleaned? Wouldn't attempting to get a snake/rod through the bore clue you that there was something already in there?

    I'm thinking that "cleaning" in this context has become a euphamism for "I did something really stupid, even stupider than trying to clean a loaded gun, but don't want to admit it". Or occasionally "we don't want to tell people that it was a suicide".
  2. Cleaning does not make a gun go boom, being complacent can bring about mishaps. Guns are not unsafe when handled properly. A few mishaps by careless individuals is just that, not news IMO.

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    Usually, I'd bet the gun fires during "clearing" before actual cleaning, or else they omitted that step entirely.

    If you properly clear a gun...it's empty. And you should STILL treat it like its loaded, until you have the slide off.:mad:

    The problem is...how many guns now REQUIRE you to pull the trigger in order to remove the slide? Basically, they REQUIRE you to violate one or more of the rules of safe gun handling, every time you disassemble or clean the gun.:rolleyes:
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    I discovered my Shield has the option of either puling the trigger or disengaging a lever inside the mag well.
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    Clear your weapon. Enough said.
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    Even when I wipe mine down I clear it.
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    Ah, hadn't thought of that. None of mine (the bolt-action rifle requires pulling the trigger to remove the bolt, but the bolt's already open at that point).

    Another "bright" idea up there with (IMHO) incorporating the "safety" in the trigger a la Glock.

    And maybe compounded by reporters (or even owners) not distinguishing between clearing and cleaning.
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    An idiot can find a way to do anything wrong.
    Look at rippy for example.
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    Or when a certain left leaning mod suggests you check the barrel for a live round, by looking down it.......
  11. Discharge while "cleaning" that translates to dumb a$$
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    In all fairness he had plans to take care of your beautiful wife.
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    How many people die while cleaning themselves (tub/shower accident)?
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    Don't worry Bull, Brother Mole always has your back...
    Fending off the SwaggerZ :eek:

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    Bud, please disable your caps lock.
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    i know a guy who put an extra hole in his bedroom wall while cleaning a gun. Now i've seen his guns and find it really hard to believe he's ever cleaned any of them.
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    Oh that'd be rich.......
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    My guess is you'd have to pitch in to help Swagz.......she lived in a cave with a cougar one winter.... Cougar never did get used to her......
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    Honestly, if you believe a round is going to cook off all on its own after sitting in a barrel for hours you'd probably believe...a whole lot of other stuff.


    Haters gonna hate Mole.....

    Me? I'm just Swagalicious......
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    Just heard a couple hrs ago, someone at our Range today shot themselves in the leg practicing fast draw. Haven't verified it yet. Called the Club office but no one answered.