Discovery cancels Sons of Guns

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by SWAGA, Aug 28, 2014.

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  2. lsi1

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    in our world today were guilty until proven innocent or at least until we plead guilty to a lesser charge.

    not defending or accusing hayden of anything just a casual ovservation.

  3. planosteve

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    I am always leery of charges by an ex-spouse. The new charges are pretty damning and if true he needs to go away for a very long time. I do not know if he is guilty or not but I do know that Red Jacket has severed all business ties with him. As for the show, I watched a few episodes and decided it was not worth my time.
  4. bws

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    I'm going to wait until a jury comes back with a verdict on this one. There seems to be an awful lot of accusations coming from disgruntled ex employees and god knows who else. That being said, IF he's found guilty then he should fry. If he's not guilty and it's found the charges are trumped up then not only should he be able to sue for defamation, but also see compensatory damages from his accusers and discovery. Simple as that.
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    Yeah, that's the first charge, how about the second?
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    I'm not defending him. I watched the show once, part of it. That much arrogance just runs me off.
  7. planosteve

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    Before the judge sealed everything apparently the young daughter accused him of rape and apparently there is physical evidence to back it up.
  8. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I have a hard time believing the guy would do that sort of thing.

    I really didn't think much of the show, or the business, or even him, most of the time, but I kinda hope this stuff isn't true. For the kid's sake mostly.
  9. ArmyScout

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    Never cared for the show. Hayden was always kinda arrogant. If he was "arrested" there must be some conclusive evidence. Like everyone else will have to wait and see.
  10. I think we all know in this day in age, there need be no conclusive evidence to arrest someone. You simply need an operating index finger and the ability to point before they're in SWAT gear and storming your house with flash grenades and fully automatic gunfire.
  11. That actually happened yesterday.... pause while i find news link

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    Hahaha too funny! They were so upset once they found out they were being recorded! Cops and double standards...
  13. SWAGA

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    I'd have to agree.
    Never did like the guy or the horribly scripted show, think it did more harm then good to gun owners in general.
    But I hope the charges are not true.
  14. I think the issue here is that the first time was a woman scorned thing, but this time could be a woman scorned who coached a child. She was 11 when the first charges were brought and is now 12. It's not unheard of for parents to coach their kids into saying damn near anything about the other parent to get them into hot water. A LOT of unknown factors here. That age is pretty much what I like to call the fightin' age; she's entering puberty and she and him are probably spatting all the time. She's young, but given Mom's support and her not quite understanding the gravity of her accusations...I can see this happening. Of course, we'll have to wait for medical evidence or recorded evidence to see what happens.
  15. lsi1

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    i had a close family friend who went through an experience. he was arrested on molestation charges, lost his job, and had his reputation perminately ruined. newspaper and television coverage of the arrest, but nothing when it was found out that the 5 year old girl was being told exactly what to say by her father who did not like the man in question.

    if he did the child molestation or the rape then certainly put him behind bars where he belongs but sometimes these charges are invented to hurt someone.

    i did watch the show. i think he's an arrogant ******* but that doesn't make him a bad guy.
  16. planosteve

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    I believe that any person that coaches a child to accuse someone of rape or molestation so be sentenced to prison for the same length of time that the accused would of received.
  17. Bull

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    Had a guy worked in the garage where I work, ex wife was pissed at him, so had her daughter coached up to say he'd been sexually abusing her....... Work immediately suspended him without pay, as per city policy of being charged with any felony.... His lawyer convinced him if he didn't plea out, he'd likely get nailed to the wall... Iirc he spent a short time in jail, and is stuck as a registered sex offender... His ex later got busted for making the daughter lie about the incident (details how elude me), but he still lost his job, house, he's ass deep on debt, and trying to get removed from the sex offender list.... So yeah, his life was completely ruined.
  18. SWAGA

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    Hell has no fury as a woman scorned.......
  19. FlashBang

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    Could be that the ex wants a piece of the action now that he is making money off the show and the business..... watch for a lawsuit to follow for damages.