Discrete Carbine Carry?

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by lklawson, Nov 6, 2017.

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    I'm part of my Church's "Security Monitoring Team." Most, but not all, of the team CC while there, including me.

    I usually CC my R51. It is comfortable, accurate, reliable, and slings 9mm +P. No "safety levers" to mess me up.

    But it seems like more and more cowardly nebbishes are using rifles to attack innocent victims. Longer range, greater mag capacity, etc. The fact is that once inside the buildings, the cowards are limited to maximum room length, but in public structures, that still can be pretty long. 50 yards is not impossible in some cases. While the coward using a rifle at 50 yards or less, often 25 yards, is certainly not stretching the capability of the rifle, a defender under stress shooting back at the same distances is stretching the the equipment and skill set a lot more. If a pistol is what ya got, then, yeah, use that. But a 7+1 handgun isn't an ideal counter and a rifle would be a lot nicer to shoot back with.

    Well, a carbine, anyway. The problem is that they don't conceal particularly well. And when you do get a way to conceal it reasonably, it seems to take a ton longer to deploy it than deploying a CC pistol.

    The best I've seen so far is to stow a folding carbine, such as a Sub2K or a folding stock AK, or a AR pistol with a SIG Brace in a satchel or briefcase. But a guy in church who absolutely will not, not for anything, remove his over-sized man-purse virtually screams "gun bag." Mights as well spray paint a blaze-orange Browning logo on it and wear your neon-yellow NRA Range Safety Officer ball cap. And it is still super slow to get into action.

    Do you have any "good" ideas for discretely packing a carbine "in public?"

    And no, a guitar case or violin case won't work ya goober. ;)

    Peace favor your sword,
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  3. adam01364

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    Brief case, Sig P226, Kel-Tec Sub2k (in Sig), extra mags.

    Sig P226 + Keltec Sub2k in case.jpg
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    Risk benefits Kirk.

    I recommend a better handgun. Shoulder carry and vests are how I do a large frame. I don't worry about quick draw McGraw, so I can carry it deep and hidden. This is getting more like combat. Firepower with some thump is what's called for, but carrying a rifle canceled? That's getting nuts. If it comes to that just sling it over your shoulder. I'll choose the Garand.
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    NE Utah
    7" AR pistol with a folding stock/brace, in 300 BO. An AR that short is getting down close to .22 mag power levels with .223 ammo, so bump up the caliber. You could hide that under a jacket.:)

    Could also go CZ Scorpion, the AK pistols, etc...or just bump up to a .44 mag and put large bullets clean through several rows of the pews...
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  7. smills41

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    stash it behind the door you are responsible for...
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  8. KEL-TEC PLR-16...easily to conceal under a rain coat/winter coat.
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    Large glass "airlock" style quad-door. I'm guessing that it would be slightly less obvious than if I just had it on a single-point tacticool.

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. Rachgier

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    I can't tell if Kirk channeled his inner Gecko or accidentally got splashed by TNT and MaryB's koolaid.

    Kirk, buddy, do you know what I HATED about clearing structures in the military? Having to use a freaking rifle. Sweep and swoop, slicing the pie, corner checks...all sucked unholy asshole with a rifle. Up your carry piece to something with a little more capacity and get good at 25 yards. If the tango is already engaging targets you're going to have warm bodies flying everywhere as it is so you need to be able to make small and get to the scoot and shoot portion of the program. What's faster to draw and make ready, your CC or a folded/externally concealed carbine? Stick with the handgun and practice. Suppressing fire is your friend.

    EDIT: And learn your church. I don't mean know where everything is. Mentally assault the church thinking that you want to do the maximum amount of damage possible. Then figure out how to kill yourself before you can.
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    Get a better pistol. AR or AK pistols/rifles for certain people behind locked doors and only come out if it's needed
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  12. eldarbeast

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    Mount a lock box large enough for your choice under pew in front of where you normally sit.

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  13. cicpup

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    I gotta go with the majority. Higher capacity handgun. Second choice would be an AR pistol.
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    Been holding on to this for something similar. It’s a case for a lapel mike, so it doesn’t look out of place I’m my sound room. Just need to decide what to put in it. Thinking sub2000 or something similar.
  15. Dad_Roman

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    I was thinkin one of these. 18.5 x 9.8 My AR pistol would fit in it.

  16. rickm

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    Start wear a full length trench coat and you can carry a bazoka under it and no one would know. JK there is no easy end all solution to your situation.
  17. Dad_Roman

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    Well, been thinkin about that one for quite a while now so I pulled the trigger on it (so to speako_O )
  18. Dad_Roman

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    Always was partial to an oiled leather duster.
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  19. Rachgier

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    The problem with carrying something in a locked case is getting in to it when it's go time. In the time it's going to take him to open the case and make the weapon ready he could have drawn his sidearm and put shots on target.

    I'm speaking from personal experience running with a private security team handling large public venues. You have multiple armed friendlies on scene, you're going to need to rely on teamwork and overwhelming numbers to take down a heavily armed tango. Your 'team' is the fellow parishioners, and the cavalry is the cops.
  20. AGuyNamedMike

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    Yeah, the only way you're going to outdraw an active shooter who walks through the door is by having a couple of attentive guards standing at port arms.

    Seated in a pew your best bet is a full-size pistol in a shoulder rig or a crossdraw belt holster.

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