Discrete Carbine Carry?

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by lklawson, Nov 6, 2017.

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    Sounds familiar. Cinematic quote if I had to guess. From one of those good guy gone rogue for justice type of action movies.
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    In regards to securing our churches it may, imho, work best to start the thought process and "buy in" by addressing it and bringing attention to it as the safety issue it is. No different than fire. I know, it sounds simple but it is a mindset that many already have through work but may not be carrying with them on days of worship.
    Hopefully each church has at least addressed to the pews where all emergency exits are in case of an emergency. Location of any AED's, first aid kits, etc.
    I work for a company, over 85k employees, where anytime there are more than 5 employees meeting in one place, all exits must be identified, where are first aid kits, aed's, who volenteers to call 911, get the kit or aed, etc.
    What to do if there is a tornado warning.
    All the above makes it easier to then morph the discussion, as it should, to what to do in case of an active shooter. That threat, like the tornado may be outside the building . ..everyone, (most) should know what the plan is...shelter in place, etc. MANY problems start in a parking lot. Who knows how to secure the building from the inside? Lockdown, etc.
    There should be at bare minimum, a select group, who knows what the drill is in all the different emergencies that might occur.
    These possible emergencys should be discussed.
    Once the congregation has been "tricked" into the active shooter discussion by starting with all those other safety issues it may become easier to get a more unanimous agreement on how the church should protected, and how and by what methods. Handguns, rifles, sticks and stones?
    I think that most would agree that it would be best, and more effective, if we were only concerned with hiding stuff from the crumb bums and didn't have to worry ourselves with "hiding" stuff from the congregation.
    I guess I took the long way around gettin to the, "long arm/handgun", discreet carry discussion. ;)
    Just some thoughts.
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  3. Very, very well thought out. I am going to use most of this in my security team meeting. I'll look like a genius. :D
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    Does your church have a balcony or sound room? Those would be great places to stash a long gun.
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    Hey my church members carry pistols only! Sue there are rifles out in the parking lot, that is typical rural MN. Door greeter stays in the vestibule during the service. A stranger coming in the door is going to get looked over hard. Usher sits back row next to the door in the sanctuary and has a pistol. Pastor has a pistol up front. A stranger with a gun is never more than 10 yards from the official protectors. Then whoever in the congregation decides to carry, their choice. I rarely make it to church anymore, listen in via the FM low power radio they use that covers the town.

    Depends greatly on my back... and other health issues I am fighting at the moment. Have a 250 mile round trip coming up for a lesion in my left eye since the car accident. Hope it is a blood clot/vessels that tore but it is around the nerve and I have a history of shwanoma tumors(nerve sheath tumor) and they can pop up anywhere. had a 3.5 cm one removed from the sciatic nerve in my left hip, have some around the spinal cord that are non op... but they are slow growing and many never cause an issue(hip was making my leg go bye bye, not there, numb, can't move it...)

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    Nope. The building is designed so that a balcony can be added later, but right now the platform is closed and there are no stairs built to it. There is an open-air "sound booth" which is floor level in the auditorium.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    These shooters all have 1 thing in common...they are looking for soft targets where they are not opposed. Step #1: Post signage stating that the Church is protected by armed security, they will go look for easier pickings. Step #2: Practice like you intend to play. Step #3: Have someone, former military, critique your simulation drill response to learn what you did wrong.
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    Our church is having our first meeting regarding this very thing. Most of us already know who else carries, but glad we are starting to get organized about it.
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    Here in Ohio the law is that you have to get permission of the Church Leadership to CC on church property. So about 6 months ago I'm at a post-evening service potluck and a friend and fellow congregant approaches me with the question. Let's call him "Mark." I know "Mark"; been to his house, etc. At the time he was gearing into his NRA Pistol Instructor certification (he has it now). So I told him about how Ohio law works and said, "let's go talk to one of the Elders." Good news for me, one of the Elders is my own dad and he feels pretty much the same way as I do. We walk over the the table he's sitting at. So "Mark" asks him "would it be OK if I CC'd?" Dad looks at him, smiles, and says, "4 people at this table are concealing right now. What do you think?" :D

    The Elders all know who's CCing. I know because I have somehow, through no fault of my own, become a Point of Contact for the issue. Most of those who CC, in general, know who else CC's.

    The congregants who don't want to know, don't. We kinda play it close to the vest. No signs or anything like that. I might buy shield shaped lapel pins for the Safety Team.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Here on top of having the church leader ships approval you and them have to inform the the head LEO. Of whom is going to be carrying.
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    In Texas you can legally carry in any Church unless they post the required 30.06 & 30.07 signage telling you it is not allowed.
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    It is legal in Nevada.
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    Having a stroke?
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    Google voice recognition.
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    I’m calling BS on this based solely on the bullet, a 380 mind you, struck the man in the hand, passed through his wife’s abdomen, into her arm, then out, and hit a wall before landing on the ground.
    We all know a 380 doesn’t have that much penetration.
    Yes, that was sarcasm.
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    If it was a .45 they'd both be dead and the wall would've been destroyed.
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    10mm would have destroyed the building.
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