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    I was asking someone who was in Ft Sill before he was in Korea since I am moving there (PCS).

    The discussion of crime came up and I talked to him about personal protection, he told me he got robbed twice while he was there, once in the barracks by a fellow soldier, he since bought a .380 pistol for protection and asked him about CCW licensing in Oklahoma and was pleasently suprised it was easy to obtain.

    Now I asked WHAT kind of pistol he had, Hi-Point...! I was happy to hear that...
  2. I would be very suprized if you would be allowed to carry on post whether you lived there or not. :shock:

  3. i was station at Ft. Sill, OK (Lawton) from 1990-1992, and i carried everytime i left the post. i picked up a handgun (38 special) at a local pawnshop in lawton with no question or paperwork.. during that time, it was common thing to do.. especially, if you went to the local clubs or bars.. oklahoma is a gun friendly state, so getting a ccw should be a piece of cake... good luck and be careful!!
  4. The thieving excuse for a soldier... put two ammonia tubes in his nose (they should be in the first aid kit for reviving an unconscious person... smelling salts or w/e else works as well), then punch him in the face :-D.

    Sucks, but beats a blanket party.
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    My drill sergeant once told us if we ever had problems with certain soldiers to throw him a NBC party, basically you would go to MOPP4 and beat the hell out of him :D granted this was back in Basic but it could apply in the "regular" army as well :p

    I heard buying a gun is STILL a piece of pie! no paper-work or questions...

    I guess i'll be buying alot of guns in Oklahoma :D
  6. Brady Campaign gave them 2 points out of 100, ranking them 49th out of 50. WAY TO GO OKLAHOMA!!! :-D

  7. We aim to please :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. I wish I could find their e-mail address... MISSOURI DESERVES A LOWER SCORE!!! We got rid of the stupid "permit to acquire" laws this year :-D.
  10. The Brady site appears to be a great resource in planning a move. I live in GA (nine), and am expecting a move to WA (eighteen). That's still a reasonable number, but ID (six) is 30 miles from Spokane, and an improvement, rather than a set-back. Hmmmm...

    (Note: scores spelled out, since the forum software wants to interpret numbers as smilies.)
  11. Michigan is trying to lift the purchase permit laws right now. It would be cool. they are also talking of getting rid of the safty inspections on new gun purchases.
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    Oh, the liability issues.