Dish Network, Directv, local cable --- oh brother

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  1. I went to buy an HDTV today. Now I trying to figure out which HD service to use.

    For some background I have Suddenlink cable, which has all the HD services I want. Sounds easy, huh, WRONG! I went down to their office today to get the HD DVR receiver box and then go buy the TV. I asked one question to many. That question was "did you guys fix the sound problem with the DVR receivers?"

    Answer "NO!!" :(

    About a year ago I tried the DVR receiver from the cable company and the sound that was fed to the TV would quit every three to four minutes and you had to turn the receiver off and back on to hear the sound again. The sound going to the hard drive was OK. I gave it back.

    Now I need some input about the satellite HDTV. Who here has 'em, who loves 'em and who hates 'em. Any problems (like above) or bad units, bad service, no service when it rains. I have been to both of the websites and talked to both companies and they are very close in prices so that is not on the table.

    I need help!!