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  1. I went to buy an HDTV today. Now I trying to figure out which HD service to use.

    For some background I have Suddenlink cable, which has all the HD services I want. Sounds easy, huh, WRONG! I went down to their office today to get the HD DVR receiver box and then go buy the TV. I asked one question to many. That question was "did you guys fix the sound problem with the DVR receivers?"

    Answer "NO!!" :(

    About a year ago I tried the DVR receiver from the cable company and the sound that was fed to the TV would quit every three to four minutes and you had to turn the receiver off and back on to hear the sound again. The sound going to the hard drive was OK. I gave it back.

    Now I need some input about the satellite HDTV. Who here has 'em, who loves 'em and who hates 'em. Any problems (like above) or bad units, bad service, no service when it rains. I have been to both of the websites and talked to both companies and they are very close in prices so that is not on the table.

    I need help!!
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    I have Direct tv. So phar been a good company. We are thinking about upgrading to the HD service, only 10$ or so more per month.

    the killer is they want us to blow 120$ or the new reciever shipped. I have resevations about that.

    However I am already a customer and YES the lightening does on occasion kill the signal. A phew times I phound myselph digging out a DVD and watchin it durring the big storms.

    Partner has DTV's HD and says it is better then Comcast.

    Says more channels, That about what I got phrom him. Switched when his contract was up, Said he could get more HD channel or same price.

    I have phound that calling is easier then the web sight or questions or concerns.

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    Directv for the win. I have had dtv & have had for awhile.
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    I have DirecTv and like it. I can attest to severe storms knocking out the signal. :(
    Good thing I keep lots of stuff on the DVR to catch up on!

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    Thayldt21, all those "ph" words are annoying! Is it a typing impediment? :x

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    you need to read my sig line youll understand. I have no key between
    D & G SO I spell with the ph till my regular puter gets back as it is at Best Buy being repaired had hard drive crash.

    Trust me you think its annoying try getting around with out the key like me. BIG TIME BLOW PHACTOR :evil:
  6. Thaydt:

    You can still type f and F by using the alt key and your keypad:

    alt 192 = f

    alt 70 = F

    play with other combinations i.e.: ?????? that's the alt key held down with the numbers 1 through 6

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    i do have a on screen key bourd that works. fffFFF but no worky on the key board.
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    LOL! Reminds me of an old Monty Python skit.

    A guy can't say the letter "C", so a Cat is a Bat, Car is a Bar...
    "You can say the letter "K", can't you? Yes, of course. Kettle, Key. So why not replace the letter "C" with a "K". Ah, like Kar, Karry, Kaulk. Yes, that's better....what a silly Bunt. :D
  9. Using Dish Network HD service and like it very much. Will be one year in October, and have had no issues.
  10. I hate direct tv. Their DVD, or the model I had, was terrible. It worked ok at first, then after a month or so, when I'd hit menu or something, nothing would happen, then I'd hit it again, then it went through, but would stack, so I'd be in some menu I didn't want, and hit cancel and it would hesitate again. So when I called direct tv, they told me that wasnt considered a problem and they would do nothing about it. oook, i learned to deal with, but after 6 months of them screwing my bill up over and over and over, I gave up on them. But to their credit, they weren't total asses to me till the end when I was trying to cancel my service. Each month they fixed my bill, plus gave me a $5 or so "we're sorry" credit on my bill, but I would have rather they got the bill right, kept their $5 and I would have saved an hour or two a month of dealing with them on the phone. Oh and when you make that call to cancel, set aside an hour of " want to ....nooooo i dont want a free month...NO!" The only service I have ever been 100% happy with is Dish Network. I don't have the HD service, but do have the DVR and it's nothing but fantastic. Does two room on one reciever, has lots of cool options, has a USB port that you can pay a one time activation fee and use to hook up a hard drive, so my DVR has it's internal storage, plus half a terabyte external.
  11. Thanks to all you Directv customers! I work for them so my opinion is rather one sided. I will however give this little tidbit. While our HD offerings are better than any other carrier, our HD-DVR sucks. Before News Corp bought Big D, we used Tivo which is the best DVR on the market. Since then, we've dropped Tivo, and developed our own DVR which sucks arse.
    Other than that, we offer the best PPV, sports packages (Nascar HotPass is da bomb), and we've just put VOD on the plate of offerings.
    Downsides: Customer service sucks, and working for Directv sucks, but still, best TV for the $$.
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    So uh, Wanna donate a free HD reciever my way. I promise I wont tell were I got it from. :p:)

    i have t say I been lucky and had 0 probs. Just dont want t shell out the extra $$ to get a new reciever. I was shocked that Not only do they want to extend the contract or new programing but also Want the reciever to be Bought, Kinda a turn off.
  13. I feel your pain Thay. If I could get'em for free I would! I had to buy my DVR from Big D, but went to yardsales and got my other boxes for my SD TV's. Then DTV turns around and charged me $20 for new cards!!! Like I said Customer Service licks nad sweat and they suck to work for.
  14. Evil, does Dtv's DVR use the Motorola box? Their cable DVR box is the one that failed with me.

    Taurus357, how did Dtv screw with your bill? Did you watch PPV?
  15. No it was a promo price we were suppose to get x months at a discounted price plus free HBO package, but instead they did the a whollop on us and charged us full price for the next package up then what we had PLUS charging us for several movie packages that we wern't even getting. After 6 months of this BS I told them I wanted to cancel b/c of all the problems and they were unable to provide the service I signed up for, but they refused, I filed a BBB claim and in the end they hit me where it hurts, the credit report, and I had to pay up. Because of my security clearence, I can not afford to have junk on my credit report as it could cost me way more then the money they claim I owe. So I paid the early termination and said to hell with them. They will never get my money again and I'm sure to voice my polite opinion about my experience. The quality of signal was great, and had very very very little down time. This was while I was out west, so the skies are nicer out there. Even got signal through a few inches of snow on the dish. But the DVR sucks and the service was below lousey, so I had to go back to my first true satilite love, Dish.
  16. Oh and I forgot to mention, Dish Network has a good selection of Adult Programming on PPV at a decent price.