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Time to store some wheat and buy a mill

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - A virulent strain of wheat stem rust, Ug99, that sprung up in Africa in 1999 has now spread into Iran and threatens to spread into other wheat producing regions of Asia and eventually the entire world.

That was the warning Dr. Jim Peterson, wheat breeder at Oregon State University and chair of the National Wheat Improvement Committee (NWIC), re-ported to the NAWG Research and Tech-nology Committee during the Commodity Classic in Nashville.
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There's always a strain of something threatening wheat crops. Its one of the problems of mono-cropping, and this type of story comes up every year. As diseases evolve, seed companies are always trying go guess which strain of a disease will be prevalent and plan next years seeds accordingly. Some years they do better than others. Any time a nasty strain starts to gain ground, a scientist will put out a press release saying so. Other scientists will look at it and say "Oh, ok. Noted. Will plan for that". The media turns it into "OMG all the wheat will be gone! Quick, drive up prices!"

This is likely nothing to panic about.

Of course, its easy for me to say that when I have a nice mill and 1500 pounds of wheat at my house.
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