Divine Guidance

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    I mentioned elsewhere that I was trying to get back into a Fish & Game club which I used to be a member at many moons ago. They have a private, members only, outdoor range and their yearly membership beats the heck out of any of the local shooting ranges, by miles upon miles.

    Unfortunately, they have somewhat limited times when the officers are there, which are even more limited by my personal schedule. Basically, Friday nights.

    So Friday night, I'm up having supper with my Grandmother, parents, and the rest of the extended family. Wife & kids, aunt, uncle, cousin's kids... you get the idea. So I slip out to go one town up, from Tipp City to Troy area. Now, I know where I'm going. My parents lived, literally, at the entrance to the club for a couple of years. But, for reasons which I can't explain really, I decided to turn on Google Maps and see if Maps knows a quicker route through the farm country. Sure enough, Maps takes me down a few roads which I hadn't expected. Down one of these little farm-country roads, Sayers Rd. if it matters, I see a car pulled off the side, into the shallow ditch, with it's blinkers on. Remember, this is farm country. No street lights and houses only every mile or so. He's practically into the corn field. This ain't right. So I pull off in front of him and walk back to check. Gent rolls down his window and when I ask if he's OK, he relates that his car's blue-tooth isn't working and he got an emergency call so pulled over to be safe. He then thanked me sincerely for stopping and I went on my way. Within a few hundred feet I notice that his vehicle is in my rear-view mirror. Still behind me at my next turn. ...and the next. He followed me, literally, turn for turn, to the club. Strange. We both park and he tells me that his dad is in a nursing home and had fallen several times so he takes every call right away. He, again, thanks me for stopping to check and see if he was OK.

    So we walk into the clubhouse (Friday Night Fish Fry & Raffle) and, not having been there in 15 years, I turn to the gent and ask, "maybe you can help me. It's been many years so I'm not sure who to go talk to." He leads me straight to the top executive who, upon finding that it's been 15 years since I let my membership lapse, sends me to get a new application form. I have to reapply for membership. Well, turns out the gentleman guiding me is also an Officer in the club. He quickly says, "let me see that" and signs it straight away. Then he grabs a passing member, shoves the application at him and says, "here, sign this."

    Talk about cutting the red tape. I forgot to bring cash (they don't take plastic, of course), so I'll have to go back with the dues this coming Friday.

    On the way home, I queued up Google Maps again. But it doesn't take me back through Sayers. Totally different path. :confused: Huh?

    So, "on a lark" I decided to use Google Maps which takes me, only on the way out but not the way back, right past the very guy I needed to help me at exactly the right time for me to see him and pull over to check on him.

    Yeah, I'm a believer. :)

    Peace favor your sword,
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    That's awesome!......

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    Great story. Mysterious ways.
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    Mysterious indeed! You got paid back for your kind act. Good on ya.
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    Less of an act of kindness and more of "the right thing to do." If it had been in town or on the highway, then I wouldn't have worried about it. But this was farm country. The road probably hadn't seen a cop car in weeks.

    I dunno. That doesn't really seem to explain it either.

    I just needed to stop and check on the car. That's all.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    God wants you there for some reason!
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    Or you could chalk this up to even a blind squirrel finding a nut once in a while.....

    Sorry lol ;)
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    I've got two which I learned to find pretty early in life. I'm not blind but I've heard that if I find them too often I could become so. :rofl:

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I've lived for many years and have come across similar circumstances only a couple times that I can remember. One was overseas, sort of like Iks was. The most memorable one was when i was stationed at Davis Monthan AFB in Tucson. My replacement shop chief had arrived and I basically had nothing to do for the last 76 days of my 20 yrs before retirement. My Wing Commander's right hand man, a Major whom was a B1B Navigator, asked me to be his Base Museum Curator for my remaining time and basically inventory all the museum stuff. Going thru all that stuff I ran across some wildly interesting WWll artifacts. To make a long story short, one day I had to inventory some stuff in the B17 aircraft parked just inside the front gate of the base. All the guns had been removed from the aircraft. The keys to the padlock on the entry hatch had long been lost, so instead of going back and getting the big scissors, I chose to enter from the tail dragger wheel well. I crawled in facing the tail gunner compartment, managed to get my feet in, then spun around on my hands and knees when immediately it hit me. Suddenly I found myself way back in what was obviously WWll. I was suddenly sucked up into an air battle. I could actually hear the waist, tail, upper and lower turret guns blasting. The guns and radial engine sounds were deafening. I was scared $hitless. I started crawling on my hands and knees toward the front of the aircraft. (not sure why I didn't just jump back out) When I got to the little walkway between the bomb racks I could actually hear the bombs dropping. All the crew were yelling back and forth. All the elements of the entire situation seemed to consume and smother me. I remember sweating profusely. For some reason I felt I just had to make it to the cockpit. I crawled past the bomb bay area and finally reached up and touched the firewall between the bombardier seat and the cockpit. Then everything just went away. I was there on my hands and knees sweating like a hog in dead silence. I eventually continued to the cockpit and sat down in the pilots seat frame for what must have been half an hour just getting my $hit back together. Part of me wanted to try and get it all back, something told me not to. I just sat there gathering my senses, dreading having to walk back down that aisle to the rear wheel well. When I finally did, there was nothing to it.
    All I could think of then and still to this day is it must have been a monumental case of deja vu. Something that must have happened in another life. Still to this day I remember it almost like it just happened. Do I believe in an afterlife or living more than one life you might ask? I have ever since that day. To answer the obvious question; No, I wasn't on drugs. I was an E7 career guy.
    Allow me to correct myself. Geez I'm getting old. I was at Dyess AFB, Abilene, TX when this occurred. Duhh! It all seems to run together after a while.
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    Ok....I'll tell you my story.
    I used to ride my bike to school.
    One day I'm maybe a third of the way, I start feeling miserable and I get this really strong sensation I should return home.
    It was so strong I had to stop my bike.
    I returned home to a mother who was crying because she had such a strong feeling something would happen when I left.
    I was so exhausted I went to bed and slept the rest of the day.
    No explanation.
    I talked to a priest about it once maybe 6-7 years after it happened and you of course now what he said....divine intervention.
    He was convinced I would have had a fatal accident had I continued.

    Anyway, found a picture of Kirk on his way to class......

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    And people wonder why I'm such a nice guy. Your story proves you can get more with sugar than you can with vinegar. Good job.
  13. Outlaw, just driving among some of the aircraft at Davis Monthan is eerie enough. ( I visited there with my dad as part of his WWII AF reunion.) He was in B-29s. We also did the Pima Air Museum. Dad went to his reunions every 2 years 'til he passed. Lots of memories for me.
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    swag's story reminded me of something that happened to me when I was a young teenager.

    My mom and I were getting ready to head into Marion from Green Camp. I don't remember what it was, but I took a minute or two longer than I usually do to get ready to leave- was kinda peeved at myself for taking as long as I did, too. On our way into town we rounded a curve int he road just before the 739-203 intersection just in time to see a yellow sports car- a Corvette I think- run the stop sign on the 203 side(739 doesn't stop) going stupid fast. I saw that and thought, if I hadn't taken that extra minute to get ready, he would have broadsided the car on my side