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    Any of you guys have experience with divorce :( and what happens to the guns? Can they make you sell your guns and give the wife (ex) half? I'm not worried about the duty and back-up, I think any judge could see I need those for work (cop). I think the AR should be safe, cause it goes to work with me, too. But, I just got a 4095 in January and have a 995 ordered. I sure would hate to loose those babies. After 23 years the wife has grown tired of me. Thank God the kid is grown.
  2. Dude, that totally sucks... 23 years... damn. Well, no experience for myslef and hopefully never will, but as I understand it if she wants half your property she is "entitled" to it... as for guns and pretty much all other property, you either sell it and split the money or you buy her half and keep it.

    Good luck and hand in there.

  3. Sorry to hear that dude. I don't live in Texas, so I can't help you other than condolencses.
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    Well, In 2000, I had my divorce, She was in Texas and I was in TN,

    Long story short She got everything to include my work boots.

    Again She made it home to Oregon First. We were millitary.

    Any rate, I think with you being in the same state as her and the state the divorce is going to take place you should be fine. Well By fine I mean as Fine as it gets.

    Kids will make it seem as though the world is ending.

    I have no advice to give you except stay strong expecially if children are invovled. Seek Profesional help, YES a lier, I mean Lawyer.

    Think positive as much as you can. And remember you do have freinds nomatter how hard being on your own may seem you are not alone.

    As said if children are in the middle A fire arm will not even be on your list of concerns.

    Heck even without children they are going to be on the back burner.

    Stay strong, head up and tuck that lip The ride will begin shortly.

    I would concider the option of storing the firearms with a trusted friend or family member. I would look into storage of the Duty weapons with the Gun locker or arms room at your station.

    This will help prevent the disappearance of them while at work or away. and Well worst of all the use if an altercation should break out, Saftety first.

    Also will not hinder your access to them for work.

    Good luck is all I can say. We here for you however I would think that your local freinds and family may be the best place to seek advice.
  5. I suggest you talk to her and explain these are personal items, and have no real dollar value to them. Or hide them maybe she'll forget you have them.
  6. When I went through it the ex decided to go after my toys (real toys, I loves me some playmobil) and it was getting ugly as she just didn't want me to have them. So I brought in to play her 800+ CD collection. Suddenly we had an accord.

    If possible sit down and try to reach an agreement on what things are off the table so to speak. If you can do that first it will save a lot of $$ in having the lawyers do it. Plus it beats having the court do it.

    And trust me I didn't want the CDs it was an up front "we really don't want to go there, do we?" play. And it did it's job, she always loved those CD more than me.
  7. I agree with Carpe 100%. There are ALWAYS things that mean more to her than they do you. Express an interest in some of those items and watch the magic of negotiation unfold. It reminds me of my first divorce. My ex didn't want me to take the computer even though she hadn't so much as turned it on in over a year. She just didn't want me to have it. I finally gave in and said "Fine, keep it, I'll just buy another one." She, upon finding that I wasn't that interested in it, let me keep it. She thought she was getting back at me by wanting to keep it. Play the game, you'll see, you'll probably get more than you thought you would. :wink:
  8. Sorry to hear the news.
    I went through it in 96 here in PA, she took everything inc my PC which she didn't know how to use. The only thing I got was my old car but I needed it for work and she didn't even have a dl.

    Story about divorce:
    You split everything 50/50 then go to court to find out how much of your 50% she gets.
  9. I have celebrated April 14th every year since 1982. She got the house. I got the kid. Ain't life grand.
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    My brother went through a divorce in TX. As to the weapons, they got split 50/50 between the two. As to the service weapons, the judge told my brother that he would be keeping them but split the rest. Texas is a community property state so they split everything, including the retirement accounts and all, right down the middle. Like the Jerry Reed song says, they give her the better half.

    Sorry to hear about the big "D" coming up. My condolences. :cry: :cry: :cry:
  11. "sell" them to a trusted friend now...buy them back later after the divorce is final.
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    Haha. My brother did that with his car way back when he got his divorce. Sold the El Camino to his best friend Russ for a dollar. IMHO, Russ overpaid.
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    Dude do not worry about them... You are only talking about around $400. The fun of Hi-Point you can afford to buy new ones :D :D ( and get the new stock too Yahooo)

    But sorry to hear about the gal...
  14. Sorry to hear it... I had a friend who went through a divorce, he "sold" his guns to a friend for $5... as I recall the judge tore a $5 bill in half and gave it to the wife and told her "there's your half". There were extenuating circumstances that were heavily in the husbands favor, which may have been how he got away with it, but there's a precedent none the less.
  15. i went thru divorce and "sold" some of my belongings to a friend. a couple months later i bought them back. point is....i still have them to this day.
  16. I guess I am different from everyone else, I live with my ex wife. When she divorced me, all she wanted was what was hers, and we had no kids together so it was pretty easy for us.

    Then we ended up living together again. Go figure
  17. Yeah. My ex just wanted out, as she'd found someone else, so I got off easy. We stayed friends, and have, for -- what? -- 22 years? stayed in touch.

    It helps because she left me for another woman: I'm not left with feelings of "what couldn't I give her?", since the answer is obvious.
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    Sorry to hear about the divorce. I'll give you the same advice I gave my brother and give to others.

    1) Get the best divorce attorney you can find. Ask the local prosecutor who they would use if it was them in your shoes.

    2) Listen to your attorney, get their oppinion and then do what they tell you, no matter how mean it seems.

    Your attorney is only looking out for your wellfare and doesn't care about "fair".
  19. lets be honest here....if your wife was thinking of your feelings and needs, you wouldn't be posting this. in my opinion, you need to do whats best for you now..either way, good luck.
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    Man, you guys are great! Thanks for the advice and info. I'm leaving for Chicago, tomorrow for the week and she is planning on leaving as soon as I get back. She's satying to take care of the dogs. Got all the weapons moved to a friends house, today, and hid all the cash and check book. I think as soon as she is out the door I will be finding me a lawyer and getting the low down. Again, thanks for the words, guys. I really appreicate it.