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DIY Handgun Storage Solution
by "ichthyo"

Like others that hang out here, I'm a cheapskate and it leads to some DIY projects. This time I needed more storage for my mouse guns as they were piled up on a shelf in my safe.

I looked at what was on the market and concluded I could just make my own with materials I already had.

I had some 5"x1/4" bolts, some fiberglass sheeting from an old shower I removed in a bathroom upgrade, and a section of pvc latice.

I cut the latice into pieces 2 5/8" high and 6" long "L" shaped to fit my little guns. I sized the dividers from the fiberglass sheeting and they were 6" long and 4" high.

I drilled two holes in each piece and simply slid them on the bolts. The latice pieces are slightly over 1/8" thick and I used six of these for each gun slot. If you have thicker guns just add another piece or two to the design and use some longer bolts if you want at least a four gun unit.

If you want to fit full size handguns, you will need to scale this up. I'm sure there are lots of other materials that could be used, but I used what I had on hand and it worked well.
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