Ever had an issue with the factory trigger on your C9 and found yourself wanting to lighten it just a bit? Well, I did a trigger job (C9) and lowered my pull from a gritty 8 lbs. to a smooth as silk 4.5lbs. This was accomplished only by polishing. No cutting or changing of springs was needed.

If you do this and mess it up, Mom (Hi-Point) will likely not help on this and should not be expected to. It would likely be considered a failed modification, not a broken or faulty part.
Proceed at your own risk.

However, with that being said, have faith that you can get these parts if you mess them up.

Use caution in maintaining 90 degree faces on the area you will polish in step 4. If you get this angle wrong, the two surfaces will have a tendency to slip off each other instead of working with each other. This too can be fixed if you get it wrong, but rather safe than sorry.

The following steps will soften your trigger and remove much of the friction in the HP C9 (and other) pistols.

Start by field stripping your pistol (the manual is here if you need help)

1. Remove slide

2. Remove right side grip panel and inspect your trigger assembly.

White Font Line Auto part Parallel

Schematic via Numrich

Note. Inspect/find the place on your pistol where the trigger assembly (part 18) has a "step" cut in it. That "step" engages (part 11) the sear cam. Where the two parts come together, there is a LOT of friction on the powder coat/paint.

3. Drive out the pin that your trigger pivots on and is held in place by.

4. Using a fine whetstone, slowly polish the notch on the trigger assembly bar and on the sear cam where they meet. (I gently took mine down to bare metal and left a mirror smooth surface by polishing with 2000 grit wet/dry)

*Do not remove the metal or change the angle.You are only smoothing to reduce friction.*

You are primarily smoothing the contact areas between parts 11 and 17

Removal of this factory coating will change the way these parts mate by several thousandths, and lighten the trigger.

5. Just ahead (towards the trigger) of the "step" in the trigger assembly bar is a place where the inside of the right side grip panel rubs. This introduces much of the gritty feel in the trigger. I used 2000 grit wet/dry sand paper to significantly smooth this friction area.

The photo below shows the newly polished, bright area instead of black powder coated.

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory

6. Re-assemble and enjoy!

Now, before anyone starts tweaking mag lips load them fully and let them sit for at least two weeks. Stock, the mag springs are very stiff and will cause feed problems. In most cases, you do not need to polish the feed ramp or tweak the lips on the mags.