DIY Reflex sight (CD case)

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  1. Greetings,

    I was scanning my sector today on youtube and came across this guy from Deutschland who made this DIY Reflex sight from an old CD case. I know it's not perfect but I definitely gave him a thumbs up for the idea, and wanted to share it with the forum. Below the video he wrote "Simple rails next" so that should be interesting. There's also an Instructable's link for those interested in seeing the written steps as well.

  2. ajole

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    That is so cool!

    I'm not sure how to zero it, but it's still freaking cool!

  3. cicpup

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    Easy. For example: If it's hitting high & right, aim low & left. You'll get dialed in sooner or later.
  4. I know huh?:)
    I'm not sure either but when I look through his channel there's a DIY scope, this Reflex sight, and now mention of a simple Rail system ?... hmmm we better keep an eye on this guy :cool:
  5. undeRGRound

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    Sliding the aperture up/down, and left/right would do that.
    More complex, but I'm sure it could be done! :dance: :D :dance:
  6. Very cool. Not planning on making one, but it's cool.
  7. lsi1

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    i agree not making one but still a good diy concept.