DIY Shoot-And-See Targets

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    I haven't tried it yet but it looks easy enough.
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    Looks good. I may have to try it myself.

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    You can buy the large reactive splatter targets at Walmart for around $0.60 each, and the smaller ones for around $.30 each. You can cover the old holes and use them again. By the time you buy all the stuff that is needed to make them, you will probably have that much invested in them. Then you have make them yourself and clean up the mess. If you shoot up lots and lots of targets, it may be worth it to make them, otherwise - Nah!
  4. I've done this. Works pretty good too.

    I bought some poster sized bright colored sheets, taped them off, painted them black and cut them in to smaller sheets.

    I can't get pre-made around here for even twice the cost per sheet.
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    I have done this with a $1 can of black spray paint and colored paper.
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    I don't know what packing tape you've been buying, but you've been paying way too much. You can make these Do It Yourself splatter targets for a whole lot less than 30 cents for a target. Where you pay for this is your own time; if you have lots of time or like the do-it-yourself feeling then you can totally save a lot of money. I'm guessing that it takes about 6 to 10 cents per target to do this on your own.

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    This is one of those things where size matters ;)

    You can get 100 of the 6-inch reactive targets from Sportsman's Guide for $17.99, which is 18 cents per target. For the same $17.99 you get 50 of the 8-inch targets (36 cents) or 25 of the 12-inch targets (72 cents). DIY will make the larger targets especially affordable. Of course your own time counts too. For all that, the DIY factor is pretty cool.
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    Go to the articles section of the HPFF website. It should be about on the second page or so.

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    For .22 and air rifle, I use Wal Mart 4x6 yellow paint samples or white 3x5 index cards, the cheapest crap packing tape available, and whatever cheap flat black spray paint. I have some of those colored stick on dots that are left over from a garage sale that we had four years ago. We still have a whole stack of them and they were great as the aim point in the middle.

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