Do any states have a statewide ban on HP pistols?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by IDMTfirefighter, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. IDMTfirefighter

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    I have researched and cannot find an accurate/complete list. I'm just curious.
  2. Statewide ban? Well they're not on the compliant list in mAss. I have some and they're registered and legal so. . banned?? IDK

  3. There are plenty of them here in Texas. Gander Mountain and Cabella's have them behind the glass for all to see. That's how I found mine.
    Academy did, until recently.
  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I seriously doubt any state "bans" them.
    There are some states that won't allow sales of new ones.
  5. missiledefender

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    Just no future "new" sales, no out right bans though. There are a few citys (Chicago being one) and States (Mass, CT, Cali) that have them on their "unsafe" / Naughty Gun Lists.
  6. Dane

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    Could always call MOM for answers. I don't know if Maryland allows them.
  7. a73elkyss

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    Here in the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, it is accurate to say that the pistol's are NOT on the AG's "Approved Firearms Roster". Without that, no FFL will transfer the gun to you. Pretty sad as the the HP carbine's are not on the list, but you can buy them all day long and FFL will transfer them without question.

    Were you able to purchase them in Massachusetts, or did you purchase outside the state and have a FFL transfer them to you? I'm just curious and jealous. :)
  8. If you want a Hi-Point pistol I suggest carefully perusing and reading (and then re-reading in between the lines) all of the posts regarding handgun transfers in mAss. "Grant" over there is extremely knowledgeable.
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    MN doesn't allow the Walther P22 .22 caliber pistol to be sold here because of a "Saturday night special" that regulated the material that the barrels, breechface, etc can me made of. Zymax (SP) is one of those materials.

    I'm guessing HP used steel in al the right places so they are sold here.
  10. dynapoint

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    I'm told the metal framed ones were banned in Minnesota because the frame had a low melting point (Zymak?). But now that everybody and his brother is making plastic frame pistols, there's nothing that really differentiates HP under Minnesota law.

    I can't imagine that Walther (or anybody else) makes barrels of anything but steel, because the rifleing would wear. Do they really?
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    I think the feed ramp is zymak on the hi point.. But I'm with you.. I think the barrel would have to be steel
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    Nope seems the anti American retard gun banners, haters and fearful mommie states dislike all firearms.
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    I have to believe that all barrels would be steel. I seem to remember reading the actual text of the law an seems it mentioned the barrels specifically. I didn't say that was the issue with the p22. In that case I think it's a low temp metal breech face that is the problem.

    The Ruger SR22 has an Aluminum slide with a steel insert.
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    U mean the pantie-wetters, correct? :rofl: ;)