Do I HAVE TO stiffen the factory polymer stock on my Savage Axis?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by Browning 9 Guy, May 22, 2014.

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    I bought a new Savage Axis 223 back in the Spring of 2012. Have put 20 rounds through it without issue

    Trouble is, many Internet comments by owners indicate the factory stock is flimsy and needs stiffening. The fore stock does have a little lateral flex if you press hard, but in my mind that's entirely acceptable. (The barrel is solidly mounted and floated.)

    So - is stiffening really needed? Will the stock someday literally come to pieces withou it? My gut feeling is that the Internet guys are too demanding of a rifle that was designed for civilian application.
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    No need to, this was after 500+ rounds, I was working up a hand load for a 50 grain z-max. Got to the range and realized my spotting scope was still home. I fired 2 shots, couldn't see hits so I moved over and fired 2 more... I see no need to do anything and this is at 100 yards


  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    They are way too invested in the idea that stuff that feels different is bad.

    Here's my answer for their issues...

    Does the gun shoot 3 shots decently grouped? Then nothing needs fixed.

    If you are bending your stock...unclench your ass, relax your death grip on the gun, and shoot the thing.:rolleyes:

    I'm with you guys. It's fine. Leave it alone, unless you just enjoy spending money tricking a perfectly functional gun out to look and/or feel better. That is of course, perfectly acceptable, just don't rationalize it with silly what-if scenarios.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    well i've got a Boyd's Prairie hunter design in forest camo and it is a totally different rifle with a better feel plus it helped cut down on recoil . now my friend who has the same rifle is still using the factory flex o matic stock but after getting his dialed in last week it is a tack driver . it was so F'n easy to hit the 6"dia gong at 100yrds it was just ridiculously easy

    He was using winchester 150 grain super X and with a Witt Machine muzzle brake the recoil felt like a 9mm and it was as easy as quickly acquiring the target squeeze trigger and watch the 6" dia gong spin around @ 100yrds

    I would have been toying with those 6" spinning targets with my rifle but i had my muzzle brake follow a bullet and it landed 15 yrds away so i packed up . I will say this those muzzle brakes really work and cut down recoil but the muzzle blast is so much louder that people on both sides of you get pissed everytime you let a round go down range

    this is my Savage Axis .308 ..... in this pic i've got tall scope rings but have switched to med rings

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    Tupperware stocks get a bad rap .... IMO not true. The gun and everything on it or the bench is at best 10-15 % of the equation. As my Marksmanship instructor told me a LOOOOOG time ago ....... Its not the dope on the rifle, Its the Dope behind it ........ :rolleyes:

    Two .308 Deer rifles with plastic, a Savage and a Marlin are .5" at 100 for over 3 years and a Marlin .223 is .25"(-) off the bench at 100.
  6. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Which are not really about the accuracy, unless the recoil causes one to start flinching. In which case, one would need to shoot less, change holds, or reload lighter.

    I rest my case.:)

    Hate to say it....but I told you so.;)
    Clamp ons suck, even expensive ones. You must use locTite, and you must check often.
  7. No point in changeing it unless you arent happy.

    If its acurate enough for you. then leave it.

    as far as recoil. No point in trying to make a .308 have less recoil, switch to .243 or 22-250 especailly if your not hunting big game.

    easy flat shooting and low recoil. just becasue its not the big bad .308 or 30-06 dosnt mean its not just as good at punching paper.
  8. What is that black thing with a white tag hanging off the gun? Looks like a PITA to operate the bolt with that in the way.
  9. desertrider

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    An AR platform makes a world of difference in felt recoil in .308.

    But if the AR doesn't suit your style, there sure are other calibers with less kick in a traditional rifle set-up.
  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    I know guys that dislike the recoil of the 9+ pound 30-06 Garand. I mean, compared to an AR, it kicks a bit. Compared to most any bolt gun, its a sweet heart.:)
  11. undeRGRound

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    If it flexes too much (i.e. deflects the barrel)

    1. shorten it
    2. delete the bipod

    How do they "stiffen the forend" anyway?
  12. USMC_VET

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  13. USMC_VET

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    rifle cable lock inside the chamber since i never leave the bolt in it unless at the range !!! :D
  14. USMC_VET

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    the Boyds stock does help with accuracy and is shown on the Boyd's website !!

    yes my friend has the same rifle and using the tupperware stock and since getting it dialed in is a tack driver but his scope which is a cheap Bushnell 3-9x40 is the limiting factor at 100yrds compared to my 6-24x50 scope !!! . with his it is like looking at it from 25 yrds away and with mine it is like being 5 yrds away . also his scope has no mil dots so you can't use it for hold over !!!

    now about the Muzzle brakes both of ours are from the same company or Witt Machine and both have the same barrel measurements of .583 at the muzzle and from 1.5 inches back from the muzzle it is .601 . The only difference his has been ceracoated and mine hasn't and his is still staying on and has about 30 more rds thru his

    as per the instructions they say to use blue loctite on the bolt threads and to wipe it onto the barrel .the first time i used the lighter liquid quality blue loctite . This time i reinstalled it and used their thicker paste style blue loctite and i tightened it down until i bent (2) allen wrenches slo i know this time it is F'n tight

    if it does come loose again i will have the barrel threaded and install a "Fat Bastard " muzzle brake ... as it is getting good reviews and seems like alot of bolt action owners use this brake

    i will say this though a muzzle brake on a .308 makes the rifle really loud for others on ea side of you at the range and will piss people off . also the muzzle blast being redirected will push items off of the tables LOL!!! . one shooter next to us couldn't stand the redirected muzzle blast and the louder noise it made so he picked up his gear and moved
  15. undeRGRound

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    Very Nice Info!

    I believe both my Savage Rifles are upgraded stocks.
    But it is good to know how to fix the issue, if it becomes one.
    Could get a great deal on an AXIS on down the road! :D

    My mod. 93 in 17HMR is wood, and the mod. 110 in 270W is poly, but older than the
    econo-AXIS series. Heavy, too ;)