DO NOT cycle live ammo!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Branth, May 24, 2011.

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    Lesson learned - Cycling live ammo is a BIG no-no with the C9...

    I had been having some trouble with my new cast lead reloads extracting from the chamber at the range, as well as factory ammo - They would extract fine during firing, but if I tried to extract a round without firing, it was a no go. I decided to give it a go in more controlled settings (my garage) to see if I could diagnose the problem. Sure enough, no extraction. I cycled the slide a few times to see if I could get the extractor to snap around the rim, and BANG!

    Just to be clear, my finger was nowhere near the trigger, and it fired slightly out of battery, so it definitely wasn't a negligent trigger pull. Possibly the sear didn't engage and it went off when the slide came forward, or possibly the slide moved upwards enough to let the sear disengage (I had taken the roll pin out and didn't put it back in since I was just testing extraction), but wither way, I have a huge hole in my shirt, a bullet graze on my stomach, and I almost had soiled drawers...

    My holed shirt

    My "battle wound"

    Bulged 9mm case

    Flattened and pierced primer, with an impression of the bolt face

    Powder burn on my wrist
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    you are one lucky sob! glad your ok. :cantlook:

  3. I'm glad you are pretty much intact but it looks to me like maybe it was only luck that saved you from a bad injury. You came awful close to having a hunk of lead travel through some important parts of your body!
    This is gonna sound like I'm being a jerk but...
    1. You have been on this forum long enough to know that cycling live rounds is dangerous.
    2.That muzzle wasn't pointed in a safe direction!

    BTW, how far did you throw the gun when it went bang? :devilsidesmile:

  4. Branth

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    I had never had a problem cycling it before, and we didn't have any CONFIRMED reports of it going off while cycling... You're right about the muzzle, though. I held it across my body and close to my chest. Lesson learned there - I'm gonna rework my stance.

    Never did throw the gun, thankfully, just shouted and stared dumbly at it in my hand before frantically patting myself down for injuries. I thought I was in trouble when I saw the hole in my shirt!
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    NE Utah
    That one gets my vote. Seriously, were you not listening to the many threads in the forum about this?

    Glad you are OK, regardless.
  6. You mention that the roll pin was out.

    If the roll pin is out, then the slide retainer would be able to move up and down. If it moves up enough, the firing pin will be able to slip over the sear.

    This would also explain the punctured primer. As the slide was coming forward; the firing pin was already in the fully extended position. Therefore, it hit the primer with the force of the recoil spring moving it forward, not just the firing pin spring.

    I still believe that cycling live ammo is a bad idea but I think the cause of your AD was the missing roll pin.
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    WOW lucky you!!
  8. dahed

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    I sure hope you bought a lottery ticket after that as you are one lucky guy. Thanks for posting. One can NEVER be too careful about ANY firearm.

    We may need an OOPS! category in the topics to store these type of learning gems.
  9. unscarred

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    This is most likely what happened. Very bad idea to cycle live ammo with the retainer pin out!
  10. Doug

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    Ok, 1st, Thank Goodness you and others nearby are ok.

    2nd, lol, DUH!

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    Save that shirt as a memento!
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    i never cycle live rounds through any of my highpoint due to the fact that the firing pin is what is used to eject the casing.this isn't the first time i seen this happen .this is one of the bad things about highpoints.a round can go off anytime something even slightly hits the primers. glad you didn't get a direct hit. this is another reason why i don't chamber a round in any of my highpoint unless i plan on firing the gun. they really need to address this problem before someone gets killed.someone should make a sticky about not cycling live rounds through them.
  13. duster066

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    Some where on here about a year ago I fessed up to my stupid ND. It that case I was testing a partially assembled gun, with live rounds. Very very stupid... I purposely left the buckshot scare in the living room ceiling. Me and everyone else see it daily. It says "Here's your sign!"
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    Glad to hear youre ok, but as mth-jhp45 said,'ve been on the forum long enough to know cycling a live round is a crap shoot. Where did the bullet come to rest?
  15. I do want to give you points for bravery in telling us about this.

    We have two ways to learn, through our own mistakes or through the mistakes of others.

    Glad no one was seriously hurt and I bet for the rest of your life, you will never have to be told to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  16. gun

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    That sucks! Glad you're okay!

    Didn't someone put a round into the foot of their coffee table by cycling live ammo? I seem to recall seeing a picture of some such thing.
  17. im glad youre fine but i have a question. if it does come up that you need to eject a round and firing is not an option then what do you do?
  18. Viper

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    Likewise glad to hear you didn't get hurt. And you fiqured out the rest.
  19. It is still ok to eject a live round. Make sure it is pointed in a safe direction and do it carefully.

    Not sure I would do it so fast that you can catch the cartridge in mid-air but I wouldn't do that with any handgun. It's very likely you will drop it and if the primer lands just right on something hard, it will go off as well.

    I think it's clear that this is a case of the slide not being held down due to the missing roll pin. The hole in the primer is proof of this. You "might" be able to eject a round fast enough to cause an AD. I sincerely doubt you could do it fast enough to puncture the primer.
  20. I’m glad you are okay and thanks for posting this. There are a lot of first time gun owners here and some of us old timers that have senior moments. We all need to be reminded of what can happen when we don’t heed the warnings.