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    I bought two plastic padded pistol cases from these people.
    Paid $25 shipped for them....paid instantly via paypal on 23 Dec '07.
    Had to email them on 01 Jan '08 asking where the cases were.

    The same day they emailed me back saying they noticed one of them had been damaged....they were getting more on 03 Jan '08 and would ship immediately.

    It is now the 12th of Jan '08 and stll no cases...had to file a claim with paypal. (aka mike greenfield industries) has ignored 5 other emails only responding to my 1st one on 01 Jan '08.

  2. man, that sucks.
    I had something like that happen to me once.
    It's a real pain in the keester.

  3. Well they made good on the order....I put this on other forums and sent them links to the threads.

    On gunsnet a few guys emailed asking where my stuff was....

    They gave me a refund and send me 3 pistol cases for free....I give 'em A for effort now...