Do you exercise patience and restraint?

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    Just wondered how some of the folks in this group do when you are about to buy a new gun. You know the drill -- you look around on the Internet at different guns... you might listen to friends and workmates as to their preferences and experiences with a brand X, model Y gun... you read the online reviews of those guns... you visit gun stores in your area, holding and fondling the ones that you've considering... then you finally decide to buy that certain gun. :D

    My question to you is this -- are you able to exercise restraint and be patient, waiting until you locate a "good deal" on the one you've decided to get, maybe waiting a few weeks until you do? Or when you've gotten that far, do you rush right out and grab one ASAP?

    'being patient in Texas'
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    Yep I can... :wink:

  3. i do lots of research and find the best deal I can, this usually takes weeks. If I come across a great deal, I research faster so I don't potentially miss it.

    I want the best deal but I'm not gonna wait months to save $20.
  4. I do the research, listen to other people, look around, and then buy the first one that I can find.
  5. I refuse to awnser that queston :mrgreen:
  6. Months of research in stores and on the internet. A few phone calls and emails. Then maybe I will be able to make up my mind. Once I have chosen what I want, it will look like an impulse buy to the salesman. I never visit the same store twice about one item unless the I buy it on the second trip.
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    On all points....

  8. I usually look for weeks, sometime months, on the net and in shops before i make the final plung to buy. When I do put down the cash its because I already know who has the best deal and this is exactly what I want.

    I am well past the impulse buying when it comes to guns. Got burned by higher than normal prices or plain lemons, so I learned my lessons the hard way.
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    depends on what it is. I waited almost two years to find a glock in 10mm that the store didnt want a 100$ plus order fee. When i wanted a HP C9 i just went out and bought one.

  10. I tend to find awesome deals if I wait and just stumble aroud....
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    Patience..............Ya, right!
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    I pretty much analyzed it too death :lol:
  13. Time not money is more important to me.
    I walked away from a spectacular deal just a few days ago as I didn't feel like wasting more time.
    I had waited 30-40 minutes at Cabelas for a Sigma 9mm for $250 + 2 free extra mags.
    The wait was going to be an additional 30-45 minutes plus at least a half hour wait for the nics check as the system was being heavily used.

    I like a good deal and am willing to shop a little but as I frequent a few gun shops anyhow but I cannot stand waiting in line just to save a few dollars.
  14. That depends on the weapon itself, and how much time I have to make up my mind. I have exercised patience in several deals, but then I have gone and just bought what I wanted at other times.

    One of the things that I have to consider is this. I could drive 65 miles to Las Cruces to Sportsman's Warehouse and get a gun for $50.00 less and spend a tank of gas to get there and back or just cut the crap and buy it locally for $50.00 more than SW. We don't have a "big name" sporting goods chain store in Alamogordo, so it's all mom and pop shops. Some of them are better priced than others, it's just taking the time to find those dealers.... Sometimes Tularosa Trading Post has some good deals, but they are hard to catch sometimes.
  15. Look how long I waited to post in this thread. I am obviously a master of restraint.