Do you have a red dot sight or just the factory sights on the 995?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ski.dive, Aug 19, 2020.

  1. MrRobbi1

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    My nearly 70 year old eyeballs like the Bushnell red dot I had on my turkey gun.
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  2. Factory sights and a TruGlow Tru*Point light & red laser combo under the barrel with the momentary switch on top of the foregrip. It's my "bump/crash/bark-bark-bark/WTF-was-that!" in the night gun. Simply because our little adopted and spoiled Blue-nose AmStaff pitty is a totally lazy coward.
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  4. thunderlumber

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    hi point carbine and a taurus g2c. seems like an odd firearm combination. but then again, i am a little odd :)
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  5. If they're reliable in their function and you can afford them, it's a perfect combo.
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  6. Rabidwookie

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    I got the same setup, except both are black and OD green.
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  7. missiledefender

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    Straight iron. I'm shooting 100 yards and in. I find that aimpoint style or scopes makes me focus on the one shot and not CQB/Short Range Gun Fighting. I prefer to put rounds down range, get some in the body, give them something to think about and then move to the next target or reengage.
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    I have a similar setup all in black. Plus a Taurus PT809.
  9. Duuuude, you need a better neighborhood.
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  10. missiledefender

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    Its just reality. Modern Combat is all Urban. Battlefield in America is Urban.
  11. James St. Patrick

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    Irons for now, and maybe a red dot (TR25) in the future.
  12. What can I say? I'm in rural WI. Nothing ever happens here. Well, outside of the mosquitoes, blizzards, timber rattlers, occasional tornado and periodic serial killer.
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    Standard Black 995 and Standard Black Taurus G3 here... I must have stumbled into the Oddfellow's hall :)
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    Same up here (The Butcher Baker, of Frozen Ground fame). 54% of the people in the world live in "Urban AOs", 80% of the US Citizens do.

    So, the battlefield is urban with multiple attackers. We have to be ready to have a bunch of people come at you, focus on point shooting and then bugging out...if you can.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Magnifier on a PCC is overkill. Just my opinion.
  16. 71467

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    All good. I enjoy shooting long range, and since I’m hitting accurately at 200 yards, it serves a purpose for me
  17. hans471

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    200 yards with a PCC and a 3 power magnifier? The 9mm drops something like 32 inches at 200 yards. Not saying one can not hit things at that range but many consider a PCC a 50 to 75 yard firearm. For those ranges and given the real world accuracy of the pistol round I find a good red dot works out fine for my use of this carbine. Iron sights are OK too but my old eyes prefer an optic or red dot for faster target pickup.
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