Do you have a red dot sight or just the factory sights on the 995?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ski.dive, Aug 19, 2020.

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    My eyes suck also, . That x3 helps put things into perspective for me! There are YouTube videos with this rifle going as far as 300 yards with a nice scope. I’m not looking for anything past 100-150 yards for what I do, but 200 is pretty easy for me with my current configuration. I want to get the 10mm and deck it out for hunting!
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    What do you consider ‘accurately’
    at 200 yards?

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    2” - 4” group. But I’m hitting the sack; it’s almost 11pm in Texas and my back is killing me lol.
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    Really? At 200 yards?? With a Hi point 9mm
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    I've covered this subject on another thread from a guy playing Carlos Hathcock with a 995. The 9mm, with no zero, has around 75-ish inches of drop at 200y.
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    If this is too off topic just let me know, but any idea how that compares to the 1095 10mm drop? Wondering if a magnifier could make sense for that caliber.
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    I want to say a 180gr projectile moving 1600 fps has around 30-ish inches of drop at 200y?
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  8. Random paid Russian bot giving your online question an answer.
    No. Keep your PCC as simple as possible. Functionally speaking, the HP carbines are sub-100 yard guns.
    Magnified optic?
    Paper punching for fun - go for it.
    Self defense PCC - Keep the sights simple, flexible and durable.
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    NE Utah
    You are right there, maybe a little pessimistic.

    The drop calculator I use says a lawyer safe commercial crap Remington FMJ 180 grain doing 1150 FPS zeroed at 100, is 3” high at 50 and will have 33 inches of drop at 200 yds.

    A 135 Corbon JHP doing 1400 fps will be 2.2 high at 50, and will drop about 29” at 200.
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    I only have factory sights so far. A neighbor let me shoot at his place but the longest range I can shoot from is only 30 yards. I was hitting bullseye after the first few rounds. I would love to take it to a real range but the nearest is Fort Polk, a hour and a half drive away. That's a day trip, lol.
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    It may be a bit better than that with a 17" barrel - Ballistics by the Inch says they got 1,711 fps at that length with Corbon 135gr. Using those numbers with GunData's presupplied Corbon data, we see a 21.2" drop at 200 yards.

    When you push a bit more weight with a Corbin JHP 165gr at 1,465fps, you see 26" drop at 200 yards.

    Comparatively, in 9mm Corbon 90gr JHP can move at 1,766 from a 17" barrel, netting a 25.8" drop at 200 yds. When you go heavier with a Corbon 115gr we see 1,455 fps and a 27" drop.

    Seems 10mm really is a pretty flat-shooting cartridge for a handgun round.

    P.S. I know none of this is a revelation for anyone here - just having fun noodling around with the calculator.
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    I like the HP factory irons on my 995TS. But I like them even more now that I have a red dot co-witnessed with the irons.
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    Switchable red/green reflex. 20201024_174739.jpg 20201024_174757.jpg 20201024_174810.jpg
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    I put a Sight Mark red dot on mine. At my age the eyes couldn't acquire the target well, even with a touch of white paint on the tip of the front sight. The red dot makes it easier to acquire the target when I go over to the gravel pit (our local range) and squeeze a few off. I'm sure if the eyes were good the factory sight would work. The factory peep reminds me of the M-16 with the smaller aperture flipped up.
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    I just got my 995ts on Friday and have only shot it once. The iron sights were spot on but my father in law gave me an Overlord Tactical Mogadishu Mile optic so I am exited to see how that does.