Do you have a red dot sight or just the factory sights on the 995?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by ski.dive, Aug 19, 2020.

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    Red dots on all mine.
    HP irons are fine but I can’t argue with the results when a $25-$50 red dot or reflex sight makes tighter groups. My eyes have astigmatism but even a blurry/smeared dot or reticle produces better results and is easier to see in low light.
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    when my 9mm was in the factory stock, i just ran the irons. had no problems with them, but did get much better groups when i put a red dot on it.

    Now the rifle has been transferred into a HTA stock and i will be testing 3 different sites on it. . .

    Primarily, i will only be shooting out to 50 yards as it will mostly be a range toy.

    first one is a cheap 35.00 Feyachi RS28 Reflex sight. This is really the one im leaning toward since it has a small footprint, adds virtually no weight, and should help with fast target acquisitions.

    second one is my trusty Vortex Strikefire. If i like it, i may buy a cheaper but similar 1x30 red dot like the Pinty or something and go that route. Id prefer to keep the Vortex on my Armalite.

    3rd option is a UTG 3-9x32 1" CQB scope. I personally think it looks awesome sitting on top of the HTA stock... but its a bit on the heavy side and probably more then i need for the range i will be firing this thing from.

    Unfortunately, I have less then 2k rounds left of 9mm ammo and with the current ammo shortages and prices, im sitting on the ammo i have and waiting to see if things ever get back to normal. If that does happen, then ill be able to get back out, test, and report back the pros and cons of each
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