Do you keep one in the chamber? POLL

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by shelbyzman, Apr 13, 2008.

  1. shelbyzman

    shelbyzman Member

    Do you keep a live round in the chamber of your hi point pistol?

    Just wondering, since some say that it isn't the best idea safety wise......
  2. nope....chamber empty.

  3. Chamber empty, mag loaded, safety off. That is how all of my weapons that I keep loaded are kept.
  4. ralphb72

    ralphb72 Member

    Yep. Chamber full, mag full, safety on. It's either on my person, within reach or locked up at all times.
  5. All my defense weapons are kept with chamber full, all others chamber empty.
  6. base871

    base871 Guest

    Chamber full, mag in, safety on
  7. When I carry, always keep a round chambered. I figure if I'm in a situation where I have to draw, the second or two spent chambering a round is probably a second or two I can't afford to take.

    That, and I have absolute confidence in my GLOCK not firing unless the trigger is pulled.
  8. Racked 870

    Racked 870 Guest

    With the hi-point. No.

    With my GlOCK, yes. With my 1911, yes. With my Kel-Tec, yes. With my J-Frame, well,.............yes.
  9. Same here. I don't have my CCP yet, so I don't carry, but they are locked up and nearby.

    All others are under lock and key, chambers/mags empty.
  10. If the weapon is intended for self defense, it would be -IMHO- fullhearty to not have a round in the chamber. The notion of racking my .45 and hoping the round doesn't jam before I get the first shot off is as terrifying as having to use the weapon in the first place.

    Mag in
    Round Chambered
    Safety on
  11. I'm going Wednesday to get my CCW. I plan on carrying with one in the chamber, 10 in the mag, and safety on. After thinking about it, if I had to use it then I wouldn't want to have to waste the 2-5 seconds it takes to chamber a round. If my C9 isn't on me it is locked up.
  12. Ok, since this is on topc ( sorta) I'll ask it. does the Hi point use any type of positive retention system for teh firing pin? I am currently rebuilding a STAR arms model 30M, and one of the things that I noticed about it ( heard it was the same way on a 1911 as well) is that teh safety features a slip collar that once engaged basically locks teh firing pin. as long as teh safety is engaged that mechanism makes it impossible for the firing pin to strike teh bullet. I have never tore downmy C9 to take a look, so does it have a similar mechanism? or does the safety simply lock back the slide?
  13. [humor]
    Wow, I am going Wednesday to take my CCW class, too! Maybe I'll see you there! :? :) :D :lol:

    To all others... Wish us luck on our CCW testing. :wink:
  14. All defensive guns are stored/carried with one in the pipe. Others are stored safe.
  15. p7196

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    My HP has 1 in the chamber and 10 in the mag with safety on. It is always on me or locked up.When I get dressed in the morning it is part of my routine just like my glasses. One of the first things on and one of the last off.
  16. while concealing isnt against the law to have one in the chamber unless ready to use.
  17. I never heard this or read this. Sort of makes no sense - we'll give you permission to carry a loaded gun, but not ready to use in an emergency situation? And by "concealing" I'm assuming you mean CCW - being a permitted CCW holder.
  18. one in the chamber , 7 in the mag, because it is hard enough to ccw without the added length of the 10 round mag. Besides I believe I can hit what I'm shooting at in the distance of 7 yards. The other 3 rounds wouldn't be use in most probabilty.


    Semper Fi
  19. shelbyzman

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    Is there anything that makes a hi-point any less safe to keep one in the chamber compared to other striker-fired pistols (ex: glock)?
  20. z71silverado98

    z71silverado98 Member

    Kel Tecs: one in the chamber
    Revolvers: Fully loaded
    Everything else: Chamber empty, mag loaded, safety off