Do you know where your trigger is?

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  2. My wife pointed this incident out after she read about it. I have so many problems with the veracity of this report.

    1) Flash bang holster is in a horizontal position not vertical.
    2) Trigger and trigger guard are completely covered.
    3) Since it was fatal where did the information come that she was adjusting the holster. Dead girls don't talk.
    4) Unless she is a contortionist, there is no way she could get her face in the line of the barrel.
    5) The bullet would have passed through the lower portion of her breast and to the side.
    6) Most women use a mirror to make adjustments on clothing, I would take a guess that adjusting a holster would be the same. Hopefully some of our female members will weigh in.

    I have a suspicion that somebody thought it sounded good to blame the holster/gun.

    Likely scenario, she was looking down the barrel of her gun with finger on trigger. Or she was committing suicide. Or there was some foul play by another party involved.

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    I'm with you two, WW and Moona. Some stories just don't smell right when I read them, and this one gave me a similar vibe.
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    Well, shot in the head can mean a lot of things.
    Actually everything above the neck.
    The round could have come up from under the jaw.
    Alternatively, standing or sitting down look at your belt buckle or where it should be.
    Stick your index finger out and put your hand on your chest.
    Still looking down you can easily take a round to the face.

    What if she was leaning over in the process of putting the bra on?
    Could very well be a genuine accidental discharge.
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    From Fox News.

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    Accident don't think so
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    It was one of the spots contemplated by Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon.
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    You wear a bra?:-D :-D . Wasn't thinking suicide. SWAGA wears a bra :p :p
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    I have a flash bang bra holster... barrel is offset to one side or the other... and horizontal... unless she was trying to put a bra on with the gun in the holster I do not see how she could hit her head...
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    A small semi auto .22?
    One in the chamber safety off and the trigger got caught.

    Glock ND anybody?
  15. Well he is a liberal...;)
  16. Glocks does not manufacture a 22, and Glocks do not have manual safeties. Plus as far as I know Flashbang does not make a holster for ring of fire handguns.
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    Thats not what I said.
    Let me rephrase: 'on a related slide there have been many Glock ND's by inadvertent manipulation of the trigger like inserting into a holster'

    And who said anything about ring of fire guns? FB makes a holster for 4-5 ..22's
  18. You mentioned safety and 22, and we are talking about a bra holster and guns appropriate size for a bra holster. That would leave out a Walther P22, maybe a Walther PPK22. I will look up the flashbang site and see if any model you think she might have had has a holster. Also the article did not say she was inserting her holster, it clearly stated she was adjusting the holster, not the gun in the holster. They do have holsters for the Berretta/Taurus small 22, but if IIRC they are double action.

    Plus where did you get that she was carrying a 22, and what the hell difference does that matter? I honestly don't see the point you are trying to make. The gun and holster IMO are not at fault, not even close. Of course she pointed the gun at her face, and of course she pulled the trigger. The question is why, not what gun or holster she was using.

    I retract if she pulled the trigger partially, it is still possible that somebody else pulled the trigger. We don't have her side of the story as far as I know, or is reported.
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    a simple GSR test will show if she is the one who discharged it or not. She 'could' have been pulling the bra away from her chest trying to reposition the weapon while looking downwards... anything is 'possible'. I've seen a guy who shot himself in the back with his shotgun.