Do you mount a light on your HP?

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    My brother actually got me interested in mounting a light on my long guns. He lives way out on 26 acres of property and it gets 'country dark'. Numerous times he's had to get up in the middle of the night to pop some critter (usually rabid) trying to get into the hen house. Photo of one of the more Jason-like critters is in post #2 of this link:

    Examples of why one should always be armed in the woods

    He mounts an SK68 that I gave him on his Mossberg 88 and it has been a big benefit to him. So that got me thinking about it as well. I mounted an SK98 on my Mossberg 500 that I like quite a bit. I build the SK98 myself using a Noctigon star soldered to a Qlite 8*7135 driver. To say that it's bright would be an understatement. That full moon you saw last night...yeah, that was me. ;)

    Use a universal mount for the Mossberg.

    So I decided to put one on my 995TS trunk gun. I choose a Convoy S2+ which in my opinion is one of the finest 18650 lights on the market. This one has a 7135*3 driver so not only is it bright (probably about 500 lumens) but it will have close to 48 hours run time on low (25 lumens).

    I ordered a couple of mounts of a slightly different design so that I can mount both an SK68 and SK98 on my son's 995TS and my 4095TS. I'll let him choose which one. Both are modded and are exceptionally bright. They should mount nicely. In the SK68 I'll be using a Trustfire Flame 14500 li-ion battery. Both the SK98 and the Convoy S2+ use 18650 batteries (usually TF flame, Sanyo or Samsung).

    Toying around with the idea of mounting a laser on one of them to play around with to see how well I like it. But happy about the lighting system on each.
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    Got the two mounts I ordered. Found I actually had to Ultrafire SK98's so we mounted one on each of the other two carbines. They're good, inexpensive lights that I've modded myself. Great flood-to-focus feature and on high is probably in the area of 1000 lumens, perhaps more.

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    4095TS with light

    The light on my 4095TS is a UltaFire from Amazon product info link- Which to me is a good light for not a lot of money. It does use a rechargeable 18650 battery which to my surprise also is a product that worked very well. The holder for the light is a Nebo that can be purchased at WalMart or Amazon.

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    I mounted the mom light on my 4595, so far so good. It works well enough for my purpose which is HD.
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    I like your light. Somewhat similar to the SK98's I've mounted on mine. Be sure your using a quality 18650 battery and not the cheap blue 'XXXXfire' batteries off Ebay or Amazon. They are also sometimes red. Those are total crap and actually can be dangerous as they've caused fires for some folks during recharging. Want to stick with a quality li-ion.

    Here are some examples: Buyer beware - batteries
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    Light for Hi-Point Carbine

    Here is a link to the flashlight I have on my 99TS and 4095TS.
    I have used this light at several night shoots and have no complaints. I agree with using a quality 18650 battery, I use Panasonic and that's due to I worked for Panasonic making their alkaline batteries 9V-AA-AAA-C-D. I know the same quality is used in their rechargeable batteries. They cost a bit more but the saying "cheap can be exspensive" is very true in items such as this. By the way I have ordered one of the SK98s to check out. You can never have to many flashlights
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    Good flashlight. Should be a fine thrower and you can't go wrong with an XML T6 Cree LED. The flashlight will fall apart decades before that LED burns out. Do you know if it has a solid pill? If so I'd check to see if you've got any thermal paste under the star. If you don't, Artic Silver is a good thing to add. It will extend the life of the LED by helping to dissipate the heat. I also like to add silicon lube to the threads to protect them. Super Lube from Harbor Freight is inexpensive and works well. If it does have a solid pill then it's a good candidate for modding if you're in the mood. You can always update the star with something like an XMLU2 LED and something like a Qlite driver which is my favorite because you can gear it towards max brightness or runtime depending on the number of 7135 chips you want on it.

    I would also recommend the Convoy S2+:

    Convoy S2+

    You'd be hard pressed to find a better light for $15. And you can choose how many 7135 chips you want on the driver. H,M,L,strobe and SOS and you can hide the blinks modes if you want and also choose memory mode.

    Panasonic makes an excellent battery, good choice. And I agree...can't have too many flashlights. The Convoy S2+ is my favorite 18650 light. The Trustfire A8 is my favorite 26650 light with Ultrafire F13 a close second.
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    Got this on my 995. Made by Sig. Light and laser. Was only looking for a vertical grip at the time but the guy at the pawn shop said I have this. Just don't have the remote wires for it. $60.00. Has a pressure switch and a steady on switch and strobe. The laser puts 5" groups at 25yds. Not bad for resting the grip on a table.
    Feet in the pic for extra points.

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