Do you remember your first one?

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    What was the firearm that first hooked you ? What did you learn your basics on? For me it was the old Remington model 41. Target master .22. Hard to find a simple rifle as accurate. Lets hear your firsts. :)
  2. well here are my firsts.

    My first gun ever shot was a rossi 3" .38 special.
    My first rifle shot was my grandpa's old tube fed semi-auto .22
    My first gun was when I was 12-13. Norinco SKS.

  3. First time shooting was when I was 6 years old at camp. They had a 22 rifle range. No idea what rifle I shot, we didn't get to pick, they just handed them to us. Some old bolt action single shot.

    Shot those 22s when I was 6-7-8 years old. Didn't shoot another gun until I was 12 I think and went to another camp and same thing, shot 22s that summer.

    Next guns I got to shoot were my buddy's AR15 and his AK47 back in 87 when I was 18. After that, never shot another gun until 2 years ago when I decided to dabble in the gun hobby a little bit.

    I never had any gun friends except for that one friend who moved away from me or gun relatives.
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    "Do you remember your fist one?"

    Yep.....she gave me an STD......won't soon forget her!

    First firearm was a Daisey .22 (2203 I think) I thought my dad had had it in his gun safe for the last 10 years but I asked him about it last week and he doesn't have it. Sad loss......
  5. i had shot very few firearm before i own one.

    i first firearm that i own was the c9. I pretty much teach myself everything i know through internet and range. on line forum helped big time thank all you guys.
  6. It was back in the mid to late 60's Winchester tube fed semi auto .22

    Dont remember the model number, but it was mine. Father gave it to me.
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    J.C. Higgins 22 pump... 9 years old... still have it.
  8. The first real gun I remember shooting was a .30cal M1 Carbine, must have been around 4 or 5 because my dad held the gun while I looked down the sights and pulled the trigger. Mom had some pictures of me and dad shooting that gun, thats how I know what it was. I do have the memory of looking down the barrel and pulling the trigger, but if not for the pics I would have never known what type of gun it was.

    I remember taking my first squirrel with my grand dad's single shot bolt action .22lr, I was 6yrs old and carrying the gun all by myself. Dad kept the bullets and would give me a single round when we saw a squirrel and I was lined up for the shot.

    For my 7th birthday I got a bolt action .410. For the 8th birthday I got a Winchester 94 30-30, after that its been one gun after another.
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    high standard military model .22 olympic match pistol. I cut my teeth shoting that thing. It could put ten rounds through the same hole at 25 yards if you were good enough.

  10. well I was raised on a H&R handi gun 410 pistol. yea I know it is illegal but it was what I learned to shoot on. it is gone now for many years. but I can still remember how it felt to shoot that sweet little gun. when I turned 14 dad let me buy a mossburge 410 bolt action single shot of my own. loved that gun. it burned in a house fire along with most of my guns many years ago. but I have a nice little collection now. but still nothing like that little H&R handi gun.
  11. First gun was a lever-action BB gun at my Grandpa's, 6-10yrs. Doesn't count? Ok, then it was some bolt action .22 that my Grandpa's neighbor had when we visited one time, I think I was 12 or 13. Since then, my Dad's C9, CF380, and hp22, and my C9. Oh yeah, sometime along the way, bout 20, I shot my wife's cousin's 12 gauge shotty.
  12. Bushmaster AR-15. We blew about 300-400 rounds downrange. Was good fun :).
  13. The first gun I ever fired was my dad's S&W K-22 revolver when I was about 6 or 7. I still have the S&W. After that, I had a couple of Red Ryder BB guns that I used to shoot in my basement. When I was 10, I got a Marlin 39 .22 for my birthday (1952). I still have that gun also. At 12, I got a Mossberg 20 Ga shotgun for my birthday. My first handgun was a Baretta Jaguar .22 in the mid-60's,
  14. The first gun I shot was my dad's Remington Fieldmaster when I was about 12.

    First gun I bought for myself was a Star model F .22 lr. I still have it.
  15. I don't remember what the first gun I ever shot was. I think it was my dad's S&W .357 wheel gun. He told me that he held it and I pulled the trigger, but I don't remember it.

    First gun I ever bought was my Boito 12 guage side by side double barrel shotty. Will never get rid of that gun, gonna pass that on to my son or daughter.
  16. My first rifle was a Springfield 22lr bolt action, my first handgun was a Jennings 22lr
  17. First gun I ever shot was my dad's 30-06 bolt action, think it was a Springfield.

    First gun that was mine was an H&R 20 gauge shotgun, single shot. It was a gift from my dad when I was a kid even too young to legally hunt.
    I still have it :D
  18. First weapon I ever fired, believe it or not, at the tender age of 18,
    an M16A1 in USMC boot camp, 1979.
    First pistol, Colt 1911 .45, same place. (That pistol had been around
    so long, and tore down/reassembled so many times it rattled like
    a baby's rattle, and threw burnt powder everywhere.)
    Fired M79 grenade launcher, 60mm and 81mm mortars,
    106 recoiless rifles (bad-ass .50 cal spotter rounds!),
    and LAAW rockets while I was in as well.
    First gun I have ever owned...don't laugh, My C-9 Hi-Point.
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    I learned the basics on a Red Rider BB gun. The first real gun i ever shot was a 30.06 when I was 5 years old... Dad held it up for me (I was in Kindergarten at the time), I grabbed onto the stock and snugged it to my shoulder. He then told me to aim just like i would the bb gun, and when i was ready, pull the trigger. It knocked me down... 5 feet back, evidently dad was ONLY keeping it from falling... But I was resilient, I got up and shouted "That was fun!"... I did this about 5 more times. But I did not have any firearms of my own until I turned 21 and bought my BERSA Firestorm... (i shot about every firearm rimfirehunter had until then) :)
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    Dunno if it was the gun that turned me "onto" sport shooting....I really didn't get into the sport of it until I was well into adulthood at 25 when I bought my .357 Magnum Taurus 66.

    But, my first gun was at 13. It was an AK-47, probably Polish or Hungarian. Not quite sure because my brother got it for me from one of the other guys he ran with back home and wasn't thrilled about giving it to me but really had no choice at the time. To be honest I'm kind of jealous of all you guys: It sounds like you had GREAT experiences with firearms right off the bat. It took alot of overcomming to get back into the mindset that these are tools and not icons.

    Either way, I'm now cozy with shooting Eastern Bloc arms again, and even own a modded SKS. Now, It's purely about the sport of it and rarely about the defence, although the mindset is there. These days I'm not about to let anyone ruin my range fun!