Do you shoot and when?

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  1. I have a scenario and I know these scenario discussions are basically useless because there are a million different answers.

    You are carrying your firearm. (here in Florida you can protect others from danger as well as yourself) You are witnessing a severe brutal beating by a confirmed bad guy, no questions about who is the aggressor or who is guilty. Do you draw your firearm and shoot stopping the attack instantly or do you draw your firearm and give the guy a warning to stop. If you give a warning and tell the guy to stop or you will shoot and he starts to walk off then what do you do. We just had an incident where a hate crime was committed and when the attacker was confronted he walked to his truck and left (after several more verbal threats to all witnesses). My concern is he could have just as easily walked to his truck pulled a gun and wasted everybody. The way I see it the better option would be to shoot the bad guy instantly with no warning given. In Florida you are not required to give any warning and the danger to the victim was imminent and obvious. Letting him walk is just asking for things to go from tragedy to possible massacre. What do you guys think?
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    I'd give a warning. If he then stopped and walked away, I would still cover him with my firearm until he is no longer a threat. Which is only when he is gone, or detained.

    If he continued to beat the victim. I would have no other option but to shoot the attacker to stop any further injury to the victim.

  3. I would give warning, hold him best I could until the police arrive if he stopped. If he wanted to start with me or continue beating the guy, I'd have to shoot. If he walked off, I'd stay with him as long as I could to get the cops to him, but if he got in his car and drove off, well, that's what we pay the police for. I certainly wouldn't try to hold him down or anything, and I wouldn't be justified in shooting him if he was taking off and no longer a threat.
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    Ooh, good CCW scenario. But one should always use the use of force "matrix"...

    Even though you can see that hard hands are being used, you are not part of the conflict, therefore you must present yourself and become involved with a verbal command. After that, if they continue the beating... pop a round off (not necessarily in their direction as friendly fire is a no no). After that you are legally (in most states) protecting someone elses life so a round to the BG is warranted.
  5. First and foremost I think one needs to be very careful not to put oneself into needless legal trouble. While the law might permit the shooting of a BG with no warning I'm not so sure it is meant as a blanket provision of all perceived bad situations.

    Whenever possible always dial 911, even if you don't have the time to actually speak. At least if the situation goes bad help will already be coming. If the situation is dire enough, such as the victim is nearly dead, I suspect an immediate shooting might be warranted. If it is someone just getting roughed up then one might be able to get the BG to simply stop and lie down provided he's afraid of getting shot.

    As mentioned every situation will be different. A CCW person will need to rely on their training and ability to think quickly in a pressure situation and hopefully be able to make the right decision for the best interest of everyones situation.
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    THEN DIAL 911

    if he refuses,???????? then dial the SLOW response number !!!!!!!!!!

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    Man that scenario is so full of what ifs I'd be afraid to shoot anyone who might turn out to actually be the good guy in the fight. Some people deserve to get the holy crap beat out of them. Don't be in such a hurry to shoot someone is my advice. Definitely do your best to try and stop the violence without getting hurt yourself, and document who and what you saw like faces and car license numbers, but unless you really know a life may be taken, you don't want to be playing God or cops here.
  8. +1 to all the above. I'm thinking if the victim is taking a pounding as you say and you say you're pretty sure who the BG is..... I suspect if they saw your gun and you yelled STOP or I'll, they'll probably stop. If they don't, maybe a shot in the ground to get their attention?

    If they stop and start to walk off - I keep my distance and protect the victim, call for help, get license plate, etc.
  9. Interesting scenerio. I would not shoot unless the BG failed to stop beating the man, or came after myself or someone else. Just because something is legal, doesn't mean it won't cost you a arm and a leg to defend yourself in court and hope others see it the way you do.
  10. Personally, they only get one warning, a verbal one. In New Mexico, the law states that a verbal warning IS NOT REQUIRED!!!!

    So, legally, I could just shoot first without a warning and let that be that. Personally, I'd give a warning, but I also wouldn't let the perp leave until the cops got there. I would keep him covered with my weapon until the cops showed up.

    If he didn't stop beating the person on the ground, well, may he rest in PIECES.
  11. this is why these are fun and tedious at times.......

    Primal - "keep him covered"??? What's that mean? Let's say you give the verbal warning and the suspected BG stops. Then says I'm outta here and turns to walk away. You say stop or I'll shoot? He keeps his back to you, utters a few 4-letter words and keeps walking...... Meanwhile a crowd has gathered, or should I say a bunch of witnesses.

    If he's stopped his aggression with your warning, and turns to leave, what right do you have to use force to keep him? Honest question - I really don't know the answer. Personally, I don't think I'd shoot him.
  12. If he's got his back to you, is walking away, and you shoot him in the back, you might as well just get in your car and drive to the jail from there cause you are done. No way a jury is going to let you off with shooting a man in the back as he's walking away.
  13. verbal warning first, otherwise your no better than he, because it just might be that the perp walked up and tried to mug some up and coming UFC champ and the situation turned; but if I had the bad guy is confirmed i would inform him to stay put with verbal commands unless he wanted to see what a sucking chest wound felt like