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Would our forefathers be ashamed of what we put up with?

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  1. DLC

    DLC Member

    That our forefathers (Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, Adams, etc.) would be ashamed of us as a nation? Being that we put up with so much from our governments?

    I was watching "V for Vendetta" last night and really embraced the line that was said. "People should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of it's people."

    All this discussion on elections, gun bans, and watching this movie got me really thinking if our forefathers were still here would they shake their heads?

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  2. Absolutely they would.
    They would be pissed that we do nothing about it too.

  3. SteveD

    SteveD Member

    Hopefully we will be able to reverse the slippery slope that the boomers started.
  4. werd. +1000
  5. elguapo

    elguapo Guest

    You forgot the option "Rolling in thier graves"
  6. DLC

    DLC Member

    I agree. They would be spinning like a top.
  7. Between the lawyers, liberal judges , political correctness , and those that think the gov. owes them a living this country is gone to the CRAPPER.
    The founding fathers would not put up with all the BS that we have to endure today.
  8. Honestly Spot, I think they'd have a bigger problem with our current foreign policy and our gladly signing over our privacy and various other rights in the name of "security." "Liberal judges"? Not so much me thinks.

    But that's just my humble opinion.
  9. Yes, they would be pi**ed.
  10. George Washington himself would probably walk into Congress with an old musket and butt stroke Nancy Pelosi in the teeth, then go after Clinton and Obama.
  11. Lol, that's what they need, a swift kick in the pants, well, that's how I feel.
  12. Carbin8r

    Carbin8r Member

    Uh, AFTER taking out Cheney and Bush for turning our government into a secretive facsist regime...

    Sorry, but the Dems are no longer the ones who are too extreme. For a while, more than a decade ago, they had gone pretty far to the left. The party truly is much more moderate now.

    On the other hand, the Republicans have gone WAY to the right. There are multiple members of the Bush administration backing DC in the current Second Amendment case and are in favor of numerous gun control measures. Not to mention the unchecked power grab of the Federal Government over the past 7 years, trying to turn our country into a police state using fear tactics and false patriotism to push their agenda.

    Anyway, if the SCOTUS rules as many think/hope, we won't have to worry about federal gun control measures. HOPEFULLY they will frame their response in such a way as to show it is specifically applicable to state and federal legislation...
  13. Oneofsix

    Oneofsix Member

    while there might be some in the current administration who aren't in favor of our common interest, never forget the likes of Dick Durbin, Chuck Schumer, and Harry Reid who have actively worked against our right to keep and bear arms. They've been at it for a VERY long time.
    And for me, I personally want to keep as much of the money I make as possible, and the Dems don't do it for me in that arena either.
  14. Oneofsix, while I agree that those guys are wrong on those points, as are all "gun grabbers," these same people have done much to try and protect other rights, such as privacy, that have been attacked by the same people that typically try and protect gun rights. IMHO, neither party is getting it right at this time, so I have little use for either.

    And as for keeping money in your pocket, I simply have to say that the Republicans have probably taken more money out of your pocket in the last 8 years than ever came out in the 20 before that. Republican does not automatically = financial conservative. It used to, but not anymore. Honestly, I really think the two party system is failing our nation.

    But really, I think we are getting way to far into the political spectrum of things here, and I'm no entirely sure if that's what we should be doing in the Lounge, or on the forum period.
  15. Oneofsix

    Oneofsix Member

    1. Absolutely agreed.
    2. Agreed.

    I have gotten quite tired of hearing folks blame one administration or another for the ills of this grand republic. It has been a cumulative downward slide, and we, as the stewards, have to bear the most blame.
  16. browwiw

    browwiw Member

    I dunno. They have to be calmed down after being initially terrified by all the bright lights and terrible giant metal flying birds.
  17. I voted yes, but I believe we are still the best the world has in the form of self government.

    It's us, the citizens that have failed. Our government can only become what we allow it to become.
  18. BIG + 1 there bud. You hit the nail square on the head.

    And Browwiw, you get the laugh of the night award! That still has me goin :lol:
  19. AndrewST

    AndrewST Guest

    They would also be pissed off at the fact we have a lot of pansies in this country. People are afraid to punch one another anymore...

    Back in the day if someone was a jackass to you, you punched him in the face. Now days people yell and call names, than shoot each other in the back.

    What happen to the good old days where if you and someone else got in a heated argument you went outside, beat the hell out of each other a bit. Than afterwards went back inside and had a drink together?

    Where did that go?

    People need to punch people more often in this country....stop being little b**ches.
  20. Oneofsix

    Oneofsix Member

    hopefully this'll work
    Andrew, here's a guy who isn't a pansy I'm sure. I hope if I'm presented with a similar situation, I would have the same courage.
    this is not intended to step on anyone's toes, if so, draw'em back!