Doctor, doctor....what is it???

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  1. DRoCk

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    ...Its Hi Pointus Buyus Toomuchus....

    Also known as...I got a JHP .45 yesterday! Traded my Saiga .410 for it. Got $130 out of the shotgun, not too bad considering I haven't touched it (other than to clean it up yesterday) for about 3 yrs! That means my .45 cost me...$39.99!! Add to that 2 boxes of FMJ ammo and it was a total of $77.71. Sounded good to me!

    Pics to come shortly

  2. nice, don't forget a c9 will look really nicely with your 45.
  3. As a health care provider, I must give you some bad news; as of today, I must tell you there in NO KNOW CURE for your disease.
  4. Hi points are kind of like pokemon. Got to get them al.

    Wow, did I just make that analogy?
  5. Congrats on the pistol, ouch on the shotty.

    Unless something was wrong with it, they are going for more. But that is the risk you take with using something for a trade in.
  6. hobo

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    Nice! Me likey the .45. That's my next planned HP purchase.

    I, like you, have "the sickness". Only been an HP owner for six days and already own two (if the CF380 comes through).

    At least we don't have Glockiti$$$.
  7. Strangerous

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    yes, you did just make that analogy. My response? :?: :?: :?: What does a Japanese card game for children have to do with American made firearms for responsible adults (not thugs) :?: :?: :?: Just kidding. A little weird, but hey, Who isn't? :lol:
  8. pjm204

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    Yikes, should have sold the Saiga separatly, Hell I would have bought it for more than that. Good job on the .45 though, I pick up my JHP .40 tomorrow.
  9. Awsome, the good ol 45acp, and, Hi Point :twisted:
  10. panoz77

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    Yeah, you definately lost a little cash on the Saiga 410, they are selling in new in the 250 range or more.
  11. DRoCk

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    The shotgun was wayyyy too picky with ammo for me, never wanted to feed right. Not to mention I just have no use for a .410, it was bought for no reason. I think I did OK on trade, it was much easier doing that than advertising it and waiting.

    We all know how hard it is to come across a JHP .45 sometimes. The shop had 3 of those tomorrow at 10am, they will have 0! I only know that because me and a co-worker are driving up to pick up the last one for him in the a.m.!! I called this morning so they would hold it for us, guess they sold the other one yesterday afternoon. I would bet that is more of one model of gun than they will usually sell in 3 days...
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    You called

    The only possible way to prevent this disease from recurring is the same prevention used to stop teenage pregnancy.

    Acetylsalicylic acid

    The idea is to restrict access to the checkbook/credit card, to facilitate this you must place this item precisely halfway across the opening of your pocket and hold it there, wherein your checkbook/credit card is located, this particular item must absolutely never be removed from said center of the pocket, otherwise the treatment must start from the very beginning, remember NEVER, NEVER, NEVER remove this medication from the center of that particular pocket


    ps the medication is more commonly called Aspirin, and for teenage pregnancy it must be held firmly between the knees.
  13. DRoCk

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    LOL... :)

    Good one!
  14. i remember my older brother coming home from a gun show with these two guns called hipoints (a C9 and JHP45) my response was wow what an ugly gun untill we hit the range, with them! and now he has three and i have two of my own!!!!

    i hear its a fever that goes around... :p
  15. p7196

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    Hello everyone, My name is: P7196 and ....... I am an addict id to Hi-Points. I have one or two of each. I have been through the 12 step plan a few times.
    12- Went to dealer
    11- just looked at the HPs and drooled didn't touch (yet).
    10- Looked at the ammo.
    9- Offered a coke and 2 snickers if I could fondle the Hi-Point
    8- Apologized to my family for spending the grocery money on a gun.
    7- Counseled by a priest (who owns every model HP available)
    Feel free to fill in the rest.
  16. 6-Look at "porn" pictures of others' Hi-Points.
    5-Constantly clean/oil/rub/fondle your Hi-Point.
    4-Sneak out early from work to go shoot.
    3-Join a addiction group/forum to talk about Hi-Points
    2-Search the internet for more information about Hi-Points
    1-Offer to drive to another city to shoot with another addict.

  17. Lol, you said it all man. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  18. p7196

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    :lol: :lol: :lol: Man you did nail that one on the head. I was thinking along those lines but wanted to give someone else a chance to jump in :!:
  19. ditto to all of the above...