does aftermarket stock affect accuracy?

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    hey guys. new to the forum and i had a question. has anyone noticed if there is a difference in accuracy with the 995 between the factory stock and the ati? i am using the ati now with a bushnell red dot. thanks in advance to anyone who has noticed a difference. i installed the ati stock before i had a chance to do much testing with the factory stock.
  2. I have the ATI stock on my 995 and I have noticed a difference in accuracy..... My 995 shoots better with the ATI stock than it did with the factory stock, that's why I stayed with the ATI, however I didn't have the greatest of luck with red dot sights... Hope this helps...

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    thanks Primal. my 995 is very accurate with the ati as well. i was just curious. as far as the red dot scopes, my carbine came with th bsa red dotbut i had problems with it. it would shut off while shooting and the brightness knob came loose. after fixing it a few times i decided to buy a better brand, thus the bushnell. it is a multi reticle red/green dot model and though i havent used it very much seems much better quality than the bsa.
  4. i mounted my red-dot/green-dot on a rail I added to the front cover of the ATI stock,scout style. Its kept its zero and very accurate.
    When I mounted it to the rail that comes with the hi-point on the reciever cover, it was jumping all over the place. Im happy with the mount and it seems to be solid so far.
    I took Primal's advice from a few weeks ago and added some epoxy to suppliment the mounting bolts and its held super strong now.
    And the red-dot works great on it.
  5. ATI and iron sights all the way