Does any have old family heirloom guns?

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    It was dad's possum killer. Now it's an heirloom, albeit with the nickel almost completely gone. An 80 year old 16 gauge single shot Belknap Nitro Hunter. They were popular in the early 20th Century as the gun-behind-the-door ready to dispatch unwelcome critters. Interestingly, modern 16 ga shot shells won't chamber because they're 1/4 inch too long. And I wouldn't risk shooting it anyhow because I want to keep my hands, arms and face. Honestly it's an eyesore, but it's family.

    Does anyone have any family heirloom guns from decades past?
  2. Oh yeah. I have a Winchester model 1890 in .22 short. DOM: 1906. I have the hand written bill of sale when it was transferred to my great grandfather in 1916.

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    My great uncle bought it new in 1950. Bagged several deer with it and used to brag about the size hole it would put through the front door if an undesirable came a knockin'. When he passed away in 1975 it became my moms. She mounted it in the living room above the TV where it remained till 2010, at which point it became mine. By then it looked like it had sat neglected for 35 years, which it had. I stripped it, re-blued it, refinished the stock, and got it functioning like new. It now hangs on my wall. Only now it's not neglected. It's a Mossberg Model 185 D-A 20 GA. bolt action with an unbelievable 2+1 capacity and valued at a whopping $100. But to me, it's priceless.

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    Have a muzzle loader that was used during the civil war by the wife's family. Her mother gave it to me. Has the powder horns and all the tools used to cast bullets for it as well. Octagonal barrel, must weigh 16 pounds.
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    I got an old H&R single shot .410 for Christmas when I was 13. A couple years later I bought a Montgomery Wards 20 ga bolt action shotgun, so I gave the 410 to my younger brother. He still has it hanging above the fireplace in his house. I keep trying to get it back because it was given to me first, but he won't oblige. No idea how old it is, but it was old and outdated when I got it. So, I guess my answer to this thread is "No, I don't" :D
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    JR Steven 16 gauge my dad got as a kid. He gave it to me in very abused condition. I had it totally refinished and gave it back for Christmas 10 years ago. Brand new stock, reblued... he used it to pheasant hunt for a few years until he couldn't keep up walking. I got it back last summer after he died, going to engrave the stock and pass it on to a nephew that hunts a lot.
  7. I suppose legally it is mine until my oldest grandson's 18th birthday in 7 more years. It is a Marlin single shot .22. No model number or serial number on it. It is from the 1930's.
    It was given to him by a friend of mine.

    It was my friends first rifle, his grandfather gave it to him in the mid 1950's when he was a boy. His grandfather originally bought it in the 30's. My friend said he had no one to leave it to as his kids abhor guns and won't allow their kids to be around them.
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    NE Utah
    Dad's Savage Model 99 in 30-30. Probably took more deer out of season in the redwood forest of his youth than it ever did legally; they were hill billies of North Cali. Built in 1901.


    And Dad's .22WRF Winchester 1890. Fully functional, probably took a few of those deer, as well as smaller stuff. Built in 1923.

  9. Until it was stolen I had one that my great-great-uncle bought when he headed to ND to homestead a claim.

    FWIW, no more storing guns in a safe for me to secure them from theft. There are better ways to secure guns(etc).
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    WWII P35 Radom that my grandpa relieved from someone in the war. 90% condition and I just love holding that gun and thinking of Papa Bob.

  11. OK, but what was it?
  12. Unfortunately, my mother hates guns and would only allow my dad to have an air rifle for pest control, so this is what I'll end up with:

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    and once again, i am jealous of ajole. there are many heirlooms that will be mine one day, but until then i have my grandpa bud's 1951 win 94 30-30 he bought when he was 13. when my mom turned 18, he didn't want her without some sort of gun, so he gave her that. it was left to me in the divorce decree between her and my dad. after i got it up to washington, i stripped it down and cleaned 60+ years of gunk off the gun and action, along with the minor amounts of rust. this will be for one of my girls, who ever shows the most interest in guns



  14. my grandfathers 1917 humpback Ranger Repeating Shotgun 12ga 34"barrel.
    he got new when he was a kid. and my grandmothers 1933 winchester model 60
    22short, long and long rifle.
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  15. A few.

    Mossberg 140K .22 bolt action rifle. First gun I ever shot. That thing has fired untold amount of ammo over about 60 years. Dad taught 6 kids to shoot with that rifle. Passed it down to my nephew a few years ago.

    Mossberg 835(?) bolt action 12ga. What I learned to hunt deer with. Dad taught us kids: "If you can't kill it with the first shot, you shouldn't shoot at it." I never fired a semi-auto firearm until I was in my early thirties. Nephew has it.

    Winchester Model 94 .30 WCF. Lever action rifle. My Grandpa's gun. Built 1923, if I have the numbers right. Action is smoothed to perfection. My oldest brother is caring for it now.

    S&W Model 13-3 .357 Magnum revolver. Dad's truck gun. He bought it second hand. Heavy enough not hurt when shooting magnums but an all-day shooter in .38SPL. My home defense gun. I am actuallt trying to find 2 more like it.
  16. I have a few firearms from my dad has given me but three stand out.

    1- winchester single shot 410 with stock cut down. My dad carried it in his jeep for years to shoot snakes while fishing.
    2- colt 1877 41 cal thunder. It was my grandfathers (my dad's father) every day carry for years. I have never shot it but my dad did.
    3- ivy Johnson 32 cal was my great grandmother (my dad's grandmother) every day carry. This one is missing the locking pin.
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    I don't have anything fancy but mine is rare. I have my dads pistol from WW2 he took it off a Nazi officer. It's a Belgium melior 32 auto. Still shoots great but its one of the loudest little pistols iv ever shot

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    Winchester 60A, this was my grandfather's first rifle as a teenager. From my research there were about 6000 made between 1932 and 1939. It is in original condition and it is still a great shooting rifle.

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