Does anyone follow the signs?

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  1. Over the weekend my wife and I stopped at a jewelry store to have her ring resized. I conceal carry to almost every place I go and this day was no different.

    Well on the door of the jewelry store had this long worded message saying no firearms, knives or weapons of any kind in the store or parking lot. I know the local laws on this subject and the worse case they would ask me to leave if they know I'm carrying.

    Normally I would have walked back to my car but my wife really wanted her ring resized she is afraid it will fall off her hand, so we went inside. My thinking it if my firearm isn't welcome with me then the business doesn't really want my money. This has been the first place in years I have broken my rule. I also know as I'm CC the chances of them seeing I have it are very slim.

    My question is how many others see it the same way I do? Would have you left your CC in the car? Gone in anyway keeping it concealed? Or left and found another business?

    Again not asking for legal advice, I have read the laws for my area. Just wondering if others spend their hard earned money with businesses that discriminate against people that carry.
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    How I see it is irrelevant. Those signs carry legal weight in VT. Fortunately they're extremely rare. Personally I've only seen them at hospitals and other medical facilities. Hell we have pro gun signs for sale next to the Dunkin Donuts counter at the local Penguin Mart.

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    I've wondered about that. In your case, not being allowed in the parking lot either, I'd just keep it and carry it in, you can't win. What get's me is these policies are directed at people legally carrying a weapon. A criminal isn't going to obey the sign anyway. If I was a shop keeper, I'd welcome a good guy with a gun.
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    Everyone here always follows the very letter of the law. Everyone. Always.


    Peace favor your sword,

  5. The store was in a little strip mall area so they had to be renting the building. To me that means the owner of the property would have to be the one saying weapons are not allowed in the parking lot.

    But again I do understand if the sign is posted and filed with the local court house they are legal. But as my city and state laws say I can carry any place other than federal buildings and/or public schools. So the signs just give the business the right to ask me to leave.

    I also felt a lot safer about my firearm when it was with me than if I left it in the car. Someone could have seen me walk back tot he car and put it there, then broke into my car stealing my firearm. The way I see it is if I keep it with me it would be keeping firearms out of the hands of bad guys.

    Again not asking for legal advice, I have read the laws for my area. Just wondering if others spend their hard earned money with businesses that discriminate against people that carry.
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    To me, it depends.

    One of the VERY few business that have signs posted in my town are Babie's R Us and Toys R Us. As PA laws are pretty favorable, I just ignore the signs. I have kids, so avoiding those 2 stores isn't really practical. Of course, disarming really isn't a practical option either.

    Our local mall has a sign, very small, out of the way, hard to see, near the main entrance. Only sign I know of for the entire mall, with many, many entrances.... Again, I ignore the sign.

    The McDonald's near me HAD the sign. After I went, I sent an email....they were robbed 3 times not long after. I didn't go back for quite a while. Went back about a month ago (again...I have kids) and the sign was gone :D

    Only other place that comes to mind is one of the hospitals, but they have armed guards and metal detectors, so that doesn't worry me too much, although it does annoy me. The Emergy Care place my wife went to had one...I obeyed that sign..but really didn't like the idea.

    This reminds me...I need to find a new PCP. It's in the same building as our kids Pediatrician and last time there I noticed the sign on the PCP's door.
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    I don't take my gun into the doctors office, out of courtesy. How many bad guys go to the doctor to be bad?
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    It only takes 1;)

    Look at that one down Philly just earlier this year.
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    Yea, I remember that. But I still won't take it in the docs office. All the other patients there are like 100 y/o. Not that that matters, I guess you can be a nutbag at 100 too.
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    NE Utah

    However, sometimes, I don't notice little signs like that...I'd leave if they asked me, I guess...:cool:

    I can't recall ever seeing one out here. Honestly.
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    I don't take my gun into the Chiropractors office :D
    Have a thread and a picture here some wheres off a sign at a oil change place.
    Didn't notice it till I walked out...what can you say...
    Concealed is concealed.
    My gym has a sign that says you need to wear underwear.....well unless you see some @ss how you gonna know...which is kinda the same thing..sort a way...:D
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    I can see you getting an adjustment, and BANG...... You just got your junk shot off!
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    Here in Oklahoma those signs are totally meaningless. They are covered by free speech, and that's it. The law says nothing about them at all, which makes it 100% legal to carry even where "no weapons" signs are posted. The only exceptions to this law are schools and government buildings. I think it's even legal to carry into the Oklahoma County jail, but they WILL force you to leave if you try.
    Oklahoma does have laws against trespassing, and any property owner can ask you to leave for any reason, whether you're carrying or not, and whether it's related to guns or not.
    Texas laws are similar, except that open carry of handguns is not allowed. Arkansas is similar to that, with the added requirement that you notify a homeowner if you're carrying concealed when you enter. The other state I go to, Kansas, does give force of law to a "no weapons" sign, but it has to meet exact criteria first. I do not know if Kansas allows open carry.
    The bottom line here is you keep it so that no one knows about it, then it doesn't matter.
  14. Thanks a lot Bull. Now I have to clean my computer screen.

    Generally speaking, I refuse to enter any business that wishes to make a nut job's work any easier. When I do, I leave one of these with management:

    And yes, I do leave my gun with my wife, who also carries and feels the same way I do about those signs, when I go in to drop one off.

    In the case of the OP, we would have found another shop to do the work. Any business who willingly disarms it's patrons without providing adequate security, is not deserving of said patrons' money.

    I do carry at my doctor's office, usually pocket carry, in a pocket holster. I just changed doctors to one who does not have those signs on the door, and I did hand my old one a card after my last visit. Never had that problem when I lived in NY as my dr. back there also had his CC Permit, and we would talk about our new toys every time the wife and I went to see him. We also used the same range and LGS, so we were expected to carry by both him and the staff.

    Like Tall, I never use the main entrance to the mall, and I keep it concealed. Out of sight is out of mind for most. Did have one security guard notice that I was CCing once, (was carrying a 6 inch GP 100 after a range trip, and I [email protected] sure was not going to leave a weapon passed down from my dad in my truck) and I did not get the 3rd degree from her. She just asked what I was carrying, and how I liked it. A nice 5 minute conversation later, we both went our seperate ways. Turns out she was carrying a Bersa Thunder plus in a belly band. The main door sign might just be a nod towards policy by a manager such as this example from a trip to Florida about a decade ago.

    I was in Ocala for a funeral, and i had to swing by the Publix grocery store in town to pick up some supplies for the gathering afterwards. I walked up to one of the doors, and saw a Gunbuster sign. As I turned around to go find another market, another customer, also CCing, told me to go to the other door, and enter there. As we walked over, he told me that the manager was ordered to post the sign on the door by corporate earlier that year. The manager, a card carrying NRA Life Member and the guy I was talking to's cousin, followed the order perfectly, and put the sign on the door in a hard to see spot.

    Apparently, the big wigs at corporate didn't know that there were two sets of doors at that particular store. When the customers who carried saw the sign asked him about it, he told them that the big bosses ordered him to put up a sign in the entrance, but not in both entrances. "Just use the other entrance if you don't want to see the sign, or use that one, and ignore it. You are welcome to carry here." was what he told them.

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  15. talon

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    In Indiana those signs carry no weight. Sure they can ask you to leave, but I've never seen it happen. A sign is just a sign here, words on paper nothing more.
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    California, and I havent taken my mandatory class yet.........but only police stations, schools, and courthouses are off limits. Now a place can put up a sign, but I am under zero obligation to let them know I am carrying.....or even cop to it.
    Now, if they find out, they can ask me to leave, if I refuse I can be arrested for tresspassing

    Now as to businesses, Starbucks CEO made it pretty clear he does not want my business with his gun stance, even though he said we wont be confronted, he would like us to not have them.
  17. MachoMelvin

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    In Ohio, I don't care what the law is or isn't!
    If the business post the GUN-BUSTER sign, I'm out of there.
    The NO GUN sign says for me to take my gun & my $$$, and shop elsewhere!!!
  18. how is that? the press release only asked customers to leave their guns at home, as starschmucks did'nt want to be in the middle of a political tug of war.

    No skin off my nose as i prefer the coffee at Tim Horton's, and they don't care if i carry.
  19. sdbrit68

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    I saw an interview with the CEO, he asked people to respect it, but the tonality of his voice, made it clear, that even in a carry state, he said they would not confront you.

    To me, he is bending to liberal popularity and banking on that business, to me, it makes it clear, if I am in Arizona where I can carry, they dont want my busines
  20. Makes sense. i still say that only a Lib would be dumb enough to pay $7.50 for a small cup of coffee, especially one that tastes bad enough to wake you up at first sip.