Does anyone know of a place on the net to.....

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  1. I want to find a place if there is one on the internet to look up two gun to see if they are stolen, if not he is going to register them in his name. Dont mention asking a dealer because I have spent a lot of time trying to convince him to. Please , I need information!!!
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    um... if its a handgun then ask the police. it should be registered to someone else and then reported as stolen.. unless the real owner is a twit.

    if its a rifle or "long gun".. then no.. there isnt going to be any way to track that info cuz long guns arent registered...

    unless the owner who had them stolen posts such info on a web forum..

  3. interesting, if anyone have more info please share.
  4. thats not necessarily so. Some states like Tennessee (where I'm from) don't require a person to register handguns either. I have 3 pistols, and not a single one are registered
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    Call your local police dept and tell them you are considering purchasing said guns. Tell thej you don't have them in your possesion, but you have the numbers. They can check to see if they are stolen.

    There is no obligation for you to tell them where he guns are or how to find them.
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    I know good and well if i was luck enough to be able aide a fellow LEGAL gun owner get his firearm back and off the streets i would! I don't like criminals, and if you got a hot gun, congratulations, you're a criminal.

    "There is no obligation for you to tell them where the guns are or how to find them?" I'm sorry bud, but i do have an obligation to be my brother's keeper, a honorable citizen, and a good human being in general. I can sleep very well when i lay my head down at night, and want to keep it that way.
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    If you call the PD with serial numbers and they show up as stolen, you are required to tell the PD where they are otherwise you are aiding and abetting someone in posesion of stolen property. Not a good idea.

  8. If they are stolen, you really do not want to be in possesion of them anyways. if you are caught with them and they turn out to be stolen, you are in a world of hurt, as I am sure you are aware.

    Find out if the are clean weapons or get rid of them (preferably destroy them)

    If they are hot they may have been used in a murder or robbery., you dont want them to look at you for those crimes if they catch you with the guns do you?
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    That is the downside of FTF sales. Unless you can verify that the firearm's history, its at best a crap shoot. Locally, I followed a story about such a deal concerning a "used" pistol, that ended up being stolen. Long story short, the possesor now has a criminal record from such a deal. The kicker is, a certain PD lied when it responded that civilians have the ability to find out if a firearm is stolen or not.
    Again, thats from Face to Face transactions. From a pawn shop, or used from a gunshop, filling out the paper work alleviates that situation.
  10. Thanks but I ended up convincing the old man to call Muskogees finest and it was pretty quick. They arent stolen :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    I'm sorry bud but that was information given to me by the New Mexico State Police after finding a Ruger 9mm sitting on the side of the road. I'm not saying what you should or shouldn't do, that's not my place, or yours for that fact. If someone wishes to do the right thing, so be it, but it's is far from my responsibility to tell him, or you how you should live your life, thank you very much.

    The officer told me the next time I should call in the numbers and they would tell me if the gun was stolen or not, no more. no less. He also said that he would suggest calling in the numbers on any gun you might buy from an individual seller. This would be much like filling out the paperwork at a dealer to make sure the numbers are clean.

    For the record, I would do whatever I could to get stolen property of any kind back to the original owner, not just firearms. I've been the victim of crimes as well as most people here. I'm sure, so it would be the right thing for me to do.

    That being said, the OP's friend doesn't want to do that, for whatever reason, that's his business, not yours, not mine. It's his responsibility and I'm am not his father. I would suggest calling the police, and running the numbers. An illegal gun is asking for trouble.

    EDIT: Good to hear he called and found the numbers clean, that's always a relief to know.
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    ConstantineC9, Very glad to hear you got it worked out and that they are clean.

    As for this topic I seen one on the old board very similar to this, Guy asked, About how to find out if his 995 was stolen or not.

    Just some guy who got home and decided to find out if he'd been dooped.

    Well this guy got some seriuos negetive feed back.

    Infact so negetive he was banned without given a second thought. Didnt ask any questions of him just a straight banning.

    HMM. Double standard ey?

    ANy way. Glad you havent been banned ConstantineC9, That would just suck.
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    IIRC that guy actually admitted to illegally purchasing the firearm in the first place. He was 17 and bought it at a flea market. Then talked about lying to the police, by saying his father purchased the gun, in order to find out about it being stolen.
  14. HA Constantine, Muskogees Finest, you have that right. Bunch of dodo birds as far as im concerned.

    No offense to any REAL LEO's out there

    BTW, glad to hear the guns are clean.
  15. Thanks, lol, action hungry is about right.