does anyone own a HP C9 comp?

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  1. with the red dot sight? if so please post some pix. thanks
  2. It's been a while since I heard anyone on the forum talk about a C9 Comp. One guy who does own one, or he did, is deployed over seas right now. Maybe he will check in, see this and post some pics of his C9 Comp.

    You can always Google C9 Comp on the Images page. Should be able to find some decent pics there.

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    I own a C9 comp and love it, the compensator does work and I think reduce muzzle rise, however you could only mount a red dot if you drilled and tapped a mount, the compensator does have a "picitinny rail" but it would only be suitable for mounting a laser or small flashlight.





  4. Hey bud is it possible to put a compensator on a stock C9? Not a C9 comp just a regular C9?
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    i get the impression that you would need a longer barrel plus from what i've seen on MOMs accessories page the comp isnt for sale as an individual piece but i suppose you could call them and buy one.
  6. So I guess the slide comes forward and smacks that thing?
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    Bump in the hopes that Mom sees how dearly we loved it and brings back the comp :D
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