Does Hi-Point make Cobra handguns?

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  1. There is a discussion on another board I frequent about Cobra handguns. Basically people are saying they are crap. And of course when people start bashing guns it doesn't take long before the name Hi-Point comes up. There is the normal bashing but somebody claims that Cobra is made by Hi-Point and thats is why they are crap. Now im 99.999% sure they aren't made by Hi-Point but I wanted to ask the experts. So what say you HPFF? Here is the discussion im talking about.

    There is pretty much an equal number of people saying good and bad things about Hi-Points.
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    Nope, different company.

  3. Jackasses. As always the ones who never have owned one are the ones running their mouths. Ignorance and snobbery at its best. probably got out shot by a Hipoint at the range with his 2000$ gold plated kimber.

    Ohh and no cobra is not made by Hi-Point.
  4. Yeah I was pretty much 100% sure they didn't. I left a comment to the same effect as to what you are saying Jones. That most people that bash Hi-Points have never even shot one. This could be another Hi-Point urban legend. Not only do they fly apart and kill people they make other guns crap by association :lol: I better keep my 995 away from my other firearms.
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    They have similar styles, but no, different makers. I have owned two identical cobra .380s. One worked like a champ, one could not complete a magazine without 2~3 FTFs. I got the first in a trade. I disassembled it and slightly polished everything, the FTFs were fewer, but still couldn't empty a mag without incident. The second, I bought because the price was right. I traded it off before I ever got a chance to fire it. The guy I traded it to wanted to shoot it first and I'll be damned if it didn't fire flawlessly for the 500+ rounds he owned it. I would have kicked myself, but I got a nice shotgun out of the deal. You win some, you lose some...
  6. I read through that thread & noticed that all of the ones that bashed Hi-Points did so on the basis of them being low cost.
    Not a single one of them said that they had ever owned or even shot a Hi-Point pistol or Carbine.
    In fact they didn't even mention that their sister's friends brother shot one :?

    I wish they would at least try it before they knock it!!!
  7. no...

    please let them keep bashing, while i'm stashing... :D 8) :lol:

    nothing against high dollar firearms, but i believe hi point makes an affordable firearms for the "average joe" to purchase and have something leftover to buy ammo..
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    Well... All i know is:
    1) Mr.Gentry is the owner of Cobra Enterprises.
    2) Mr.Deeb is the owner of Beemiller/Hi-Point.
  9. I think your discussion highlights the problem. The poster of that comment iobviously has done no research into either company whose product he is bashing, or he would know who makes them. They say that "ignorance is bliss" but I think it's much more blissful to have peace of mind knowing that I can get a good quality weapon without having to miss a house payment. :)
  10. Why is it every one loves to talk and don't own or shot or probably ever knew any one who had one, but they know it's crap!! They talk about a used gun being more reliable. Maybe because it is BROKE in! Many guns have failure during the break in periods. Every one knows the 88 nova is a turd to it's predecessors as far as power but I put over 200,000 miles on mine and the previous owner smoke a couple,........... hundred deer!!!!! I guess that would make it a good car as far as transportation goes, so yeah, you will never see the 88 hit 0-60 in any thing less than 15seconds, but you will see it get you to work day after day. Yeah you make more money and you get "bigger & better" cars but you always remember the one that got you there reliably day after day and for pennies on the dollar compared to that nice new shiny truck. The reliability is the cake and the cheap is the frosting. I found a Ruger for the same price as my Hi-point. I held the Ruger and yeah it felt like a Ruger,.... That died long ago. There was so many rounds through it that I would be afraid of the slide hitting me right in the face. The gun had more slop than,...well, a sloppy joe!! You can't buy a used gun for the price of a Hi-point, all you can buy for the price of a hi-point is the washed up memory of a once used pistol that still had a breath or two of life in it. So let's get real about Hi-Point, once for once, you will not find so much bang for you buck in the firearm industry that can offer the reliability and service that Hi-point has and does.

    If you doubt them, try them. If you hate them, try them. If you love them, buy them. It's simple.
    Oh before you try and buy, could you wait till next week because I want the c9 to be in stock Friday so I can add one to my collection before hand.
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    Never shot a cobra, but I know they're not made by HP.

    As far as every cheap gun being crap? Well, let's just say that when I started driving a cab, my car gun was a Taurus Mod 66 .357. These days, it's the Hi-Point C9. I trust BOTH with my life, and have been ever since.
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    Oh yes, I have shot a cobra now, and if the one that was out at the range was any indication of the overall marque.....

    I'm staying away :shock:

    Did NOT like it!! Recoil was worse than a C9 on the hottest load, awkward grip ergonomics hurt like hell, jammed ever 3 rounds (IF you could get it to chamber a round) and overall was just not fun. Of course, it might of been just *that* gun, so I'm not going to pass judgement on all of them, but no amount of chrome could get me to like THIS thing!

    The Raven .25 that was out there fared better in less jams, and was managable even for a tiny barrel, but I'd take a Phoenix .22LR over it anyday
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    thats because Neo exercised proper raven firing posture when shooting! sorry neo, had to p[​IMG]ost it!
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    LOL!!! I have the video, I think...
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    That's what happens when you have someone with class trying to shoot a getto gun. I seriously think the posture helped with the function, so there :p
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    hahahahahaha i can see it now neo in the ghetto with that stance and the raven pointed at a bg. and the bg dying from frigh........ i mean laghter hahahaha j/k neo you handled it very well now all we have to do is get you hang out a car window and shoot and you will be certified in ghetto shooting school. :lol:

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    NEO! NEO! NEO! That is a firearm you are holding NOT a sword [must be the eurpoean training coming back to haunt you. Huh?] :lol:
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    People can be such idiots sometimes, all the time. When at the range, whoever wants to use my C9, I let them. So far everyone thinks it shoots real nice :twisted: I have been fortunate enough not to run into any snobs.
    I make sure I tell them how much I paid for it. Maybe I will see more Hi-Points at the range.
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    To the OP,
    This may be no help at all as I have no proof, but I remember reading a while back when I was researching Cobra products, that Cobra had basically bought out Lorcin/Davis and worked out the problems with the original designs. I don't if it's true or not so I'm not gonna back it as fact, but I guess it's a pretty good possibility.