Does High Noon Make a Holster for the Hi-Point C9

Discussion in 'CCW & Open Carry' started by junglebob, May 3, 2008.

  1. I was looking at the High Noon Holster website at the IWB Mister Softy holster and couldn't find Hi-Point listed among the handgun brands, is there another brand that is identical in size, if someone can tell me which one I'd appreciate it. Also I see they have an IWB similar to Mr. Softy with a 15 degree cant, any opinions on that as opposed to the Mr. Softy?

    Being in the right denied state of Illinois I don't get a lot of occasions to use a holster, only when traveling in states that recognize my non-resident Pa handgun license. I have an uncle mikes side kick "fanny pack" which I use for "fanny pack transport" of my C9 in Illinois, and also for concealed carry out of state.

    At a cost of $24.95 the Mr. Softy looks like something I might try.

    Anyone know where to get a low cost open carry holster for the C9? That is legal in rural Illinois, unincorporated areas outside a vehicle, unless prohibited by local ordinance.
  2. A Crossman holster at Wal-Mart. I think it is $5 - $7.

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  4. good call broom sr... 8) the crossman is an excellent fit and buy for the c9.. plus it has an extra mag pouch... not bad for $5.00... :shock:
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    i paid six and it fits like a glove.
  6. good call. i bought 2 of them. my c9 and my jhp both fit in them well.
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    Your JHP fits in the Crossman? Did you do anything to it to make it fit the larger gun? Mine seems to stick up higher than I would like. For the C9, its the best buy for a simple holster.
  8. Would you suggest the 9 mm - .45 for the C9?

    I found out the answer to my question about the High Noon holster, they don't make one for Hi-point. I called there and the sales guy on the phone suggested I buy another handgun. Buy a handgun to fit their holster, I don't think so.

    Anyone have any other suggestion for an IWB holster? Living in the "right denied" state of Illinois, it isn't something that I would use a lot, but it would be nice to have when visiting "free" states. I'll have to get one of those Crossman holsters and try it for open carry, in rural unincorporated areas of Illinois it's allowed if there is no county ordinance against it.
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  10. Mike AZ, Did you get the in the pants holster for Glock 19,23,29,30 and 32? I didn't see Hi-point C9 listed.
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    Yes, that is the one I got. the C9 is not listed, but I read on some other web page that a guy was using his IWB holster from his Glock 23 for his C9 and said it fit. So I started looking at holsters listed for Glock 23s As long as it isn't molded for the exact shape of the gun, I think it would work.

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    I like that setup Mike.