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  1. I just got my 995 today. Sorry, no pictures yet, can't find my camera. Can't wait till saturday to take it to the range. Funny thing. I went to walmart to get some ammo for it, cause I had a walmart card for christmas. On the way to the sporting gods, I spotted the candy isle, and grabbed a bag of twislers. I get to the sporting goods, and tell him I was a box of ammo. I just got a 50 round cause the card was only 15 dollars. Upon checking out, the guy says, "candy and bullets. That's an interesting combination".
  2. Congrats and welcome to the 995 club.

  3. Candy and bullets, that is an interesting combo. Congrats on the purchase, let us know how you like shooting it.

    By the way, dont shoot with candy in your mouth, you may choke ;)
  4. Eat the candy first, then shoot. Nothing like shooting after getting sugared up. :lol:
  5. Without missing a beat, I would have replied: "Both will give you cavities."
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    LOL. Good one!
  7. Get some pics of the range session! Congrats on the 995 and the candy lol
  8. Broke a tooth on a candy cane the other day,should have been chewing on a empty 40 cal case