Does This Change Your Training or EDC?
by Kirk Lawson

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[Ruger LCR for 5 rounds or 10 with a reload vs. Kel Tec P11 for 13 rounds or 25 with a reload]

In a recent forum thread To "upgrade" or not, I spent one paragraph talking about maybe wanting more ammunition on tap due to the seeming rise of multiple attacker events. But that is not the only type of event which might make a self defender want more ammunition immediately available. The recent murderer in Virginia Beach did something different and, possibly, paradigm shifting. No, I'm not talking about the over-hyped suppressor use. They aren't actually "silencers," are still ear-splittingly loud out of a .45ACP unless using subsonic ammunition, and there is rumor that his might have even been home-made which makes it even less effective and not actually legal.

No, I'm talking about the fact that he didn't surrender, suicide, or try to escape once he encountered armed resistance. Up until very recently, that was the standard operating procedure of these spree murderers: Find a "gun free" killing grounds where no one could likely resist, shoot as many unarmed victims as possible in 2-10 minuets before someone armed (often cops) shows up, then surrender or eat a bullet.

This coward didn't.

Instead, he opted for what is described as "a running gun battle."

So an armed defender forced to protect himself, or those in his charge, used to be able to present almost any firearm as active resistance, including a 5-shot snub nosed revolver or a 6-to-7 round single column concealable semi-auto, and end the threat when the coward attacker suicides or surrenders. But that might be changing now. Now cowardly murderer might have already decided that he is not going to suicide but will, instead, "go out in a blaze of infamy." And he probably brought a lot of ammunition to help him. He certainly brought more than 5 to 7 rounds that the average self-defender is carrying.

If the self-defender is, among other things, preparing for the possibility of a mass killer, while admittedly exceptionally rare, he might want to reexamine his Every Day Carry (EDC) gun and consider something that offers more ammunition capacity than a single-column or revolver, along with a spare magazine for reload and malfunction remediation. There are many concealable handguns that offer upgrades to ammunition capacity such as the Kel Tec P11 (12+1 capacity), the Taurus G2C (12+1), the Sig P365 (10+1), the Ruger Security 9 Compact (10+1), the Glock G43X (10+1), and many others. There are even surplus handguns which are concealable and offer an ammunition capacity upgrade such as the CZ82 (12+1 in 9x18 Makarov).

The self-defender might also want to consider upgrading his training as well. Upgraded training might include a violent attacker who does not just give up or commit suicide addressed by tactics such as moving to cover and concealment and accurately directing fire while moving. Upgraded training might also cover personal emergency first aid care such as tourniquets and chest seals.

While it is too early yet to know if this attacker's decision to "fight it out till the end" represents a shift in murderer's strategy, it certainly is not too early to start upgrading your training. Hope for the best and train for the worst.