Does this make me a hippie?

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  1. So the wife has been wanting a hybrid for years now and we finally decided to go look at new cars thinking about trading in both mine and hers for new vehicles. Well she looked at a few different hybrids and finally decided she wanted the same one he friend has, a Toyota Prius. I told her forget it, absolutely not. So she was all butt hurt and convinced me to consider it. So while I was looking at trucks and she found her a few Priuses at the Toyota dealership we were at. Took one for a test drive and it was one of the touring models that was loaded with the gadgets. 6 disk, navagation, bluetooth link, back up camera, all the cool toys. We haggeled on the price for awhile since we owed a bit more on her car then they were wanting to give us for it but in the end got a decent offer and I drove it home. I do admit I kinda like it with the exception of the drivers seat doesnt go back far enough for me and my knees are bent up a little bit. It is a weird feeling coming to a stop at a light and the car totally shuts down. The good sized display controls almost everything from the climate to the music to the nav and has the nifty little display of what's going on in the car at any given moment telling you when the gas engine is in use, the electric, both and when the breaks are charging the battery and when the engine is charging it. Although completely useless, it is still cool to see what it's doing at the time. The display also does a ton of other stuff like act as the back up camera display, maintenance log, MPG average on the fly, and other stuff. I think she'll be happy with it, but just isn't a car for me. So tomorrow we go back and pick out a nice Tundra to offset the wussy factor the hybrid has brought to my driveway.
  2. HIPPIE!!!!
    *Drive around in a mans smog machine*

  3. It's to late.
    Mr SNS
  4. Hippies can't afford a Prius. Buying one makes you... something else.
  5. Questioning if your a hippie make you a hippie.

    Sorry dude, ..... one of them, one of them!!!
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    Nah, he's one of us, one of us, his wifey is one of them, one of them!
  7. not a hippie just think with the tax break and fuel costs you will save it all makes more money for future noise-makers.......
  8. I always figured you were a hippie this. Damn hippies bein more hippie.
  9. Naw.

    Just a tree hugger. :wink:
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    Call me odd, but I thought "Hippys" always dressed wierd, and wanted to grow pot, dance, party, and all that. The Communes were places for them to do that...Yeah, sure, all about the earth, the environment for sure...

    Guess they had to wake up and realize: how do you fund such a place/lifestyle?

    Anyways, goodonya for trying to appease the wifey, Taurus.

    If you FEEL that you need to buy a pickup like that, then goodonya as well!

  11. What was that South Park episode when they were all driving hybrids and smelling eachothers farts? "Smug"? Yeah thats it...LMAO

    Ya know, if you put your hand out the window while driving a Prius, the car will turn!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  12. Boy.......... this repaints my picture of "Armed Services"......

    I guess you'll be needing THESE now.

    [ :lol: :lol: congrats on the new ride, and at least surviving what was likely an incredible torture... if your wife is anything like mine! ]
  13. I will not be driving it other then on road trips, and at that point I will be GLAD to drive it. He friend, the same one that got this thing in her head to start with, recently got back from chicago. RTound trip from NC, 150 in gas. Yea, I'll be a part time hippie for that. I am not someone that preaches to people about they should have what I have. If any of you recall my comments awhile ago about the smug folks in their hybrids and how I got into a "debate" with a random woman who was driving her SUB hybrid randomly told me how bad my car was fopr the environment. I asked her hew MPG and she proudly said something around 28-32ish and I informed her that I got 36 in my civic hatchback. She went on to tell me briefly that our dependence on foreign oil will never end till people like me wise up. My reply was something along the lines of "but your STILL using more gas then me, thus are more reliant on foreign oil then I am..." she didnt like that and left. Point is I'm not a smug snob about anything. Guns, cars, houses, you get want or you get what will make you happy (aka what the wife wants). Her car and she loves it already. I do admit thought to being a total geek and loving the nerd toys inside though. Gotta go tonight and see about a truck, hoping to get a decent deal on a Tacoma TRD sport extended cab. We'll see.
  14. Oh and atleast they were penny loafers, thought that was gonna open to some burensteins (spelling??) sandles or some hemp clothing.
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    28-32? Is that all they get??
    Highway driving in my '04 Trailblazer will yield me 23mpg, cruising at 70mph. I can't believe that they are only getting around 30mpg with this hybrid. It's not even worth the cost then.

    Good luck on the Tacoma TRD, a buddy of mine has one, factory supercharged and they are one sweet truck.
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    Eh, ignore that post. I re-read what you posted and you were talking to the owner of the hybrid SUV. Sorry, I thought you were talking about the Prius.
  17. i'm not a big hybrid fan. Nifty sure, but I'd be fine going back to the days when cars weighed less an didn't have all the gadgets and got the same if not better mileage as these hybrids do. Think vw rabbit diesel and mid 80's honda's.
  18. I love my honda civic si, it's great on gas and got plenty of get up and go to it, but her little prius will be getting much better, plus they have pretty darned good warrenties on them. I'm just ready to drive something other then my little tiny car that is a magnet for people to back into, hit with doors and everything else that has contributed to the little scratches all over. Doubt I'll get a supercharged truck, don't need that much power (although it would fall solidly under a want). Torn between two right now. Both 06's. Maybe you guys can provide some input on helping me makle the decision...

    Truck A.
    Blue (fav color)
    4 wheel drive
    extended cab (2 door w/ suicide doors to back)
    20some K miles

    Truck B.
    2 Wheel Drive
    Double cab w/ short bed (4 door)
    40some K miles

    Both get the same mileage, both the same price. I reaaally like the color of the truck A, but the extended cab of truck B is very appealing. Gonna look around some more to see if I can find a blue extended cab.

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    YUP you're a hippie, have been a hippie, and will ALWAYS be a hippie. But we still like you anyway [​IMG] Oh and if you want to get a Toy truck go ahead it will make you feel better :wink: :lol:
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    Yes you are officaily now a hippie. Be a man and buy an E-85 truck. ;-)