does this work for the hi-point c9

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by perry23117, Mar 21, 2008.

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    wanted to know if anyone has tried to install these rails on a hi-point c9 i want a laser on mine but i dont like the kind you fit on the trigger gaurd becouse no one has had one to work yet so i thaught this might be better
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    Not without some modification of your weapon. However, I believe the C9 comp. has a rail.

  3. perry23117

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    i have the c9 not the comp
  4. 45Man

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    How would you propose to bolt the rails to the frame?
  5. Okay, my setup iss not perfect but after about 200 rounds thru my CF380, the laser has only moved slightly. After a little more work on the mount and another 100 rounds, the laser is still sighting true.

    This setup is bigger than the Comp style laser and might fit in a sack instead of a holster. This pistol is for use at home by my wife. Just point and shoot. And shoot and shoot and shoot (4 more times) :D

    My CF380 with pictures:
  6. I would worry about drilling holes in the frame of the C9 to mount the rail.

    I like sbroomheadsr idea using the Wal-Mart laser site.

    I have thought about his idea a little and thought that a man could use industrial strength velcro on the top of the laser and the bottom of the frame to give it some stability along with the trigger guard mount. This would help eliminate some of the strain on the trigger guard.

    What do you think sbroomheadsr?
  7. Yes it does have a rail on the compensator, however it is not a standard weaver rail. The only thing thing that I can find to fit it is a .22 scope ring by Simmons. I ordered a flashlight and will post pics when it comes in.
  8. On the return from the range this last time, I told my son that I thought velcro would help absorb any jolt that might move the laser. I would install it just as you described.

    If you want a laser for precise target control, look somewhere else. The inexpensive laser dot grows larger the farther out it goes. Also, in bright light it is hard to see. However, if you desire is to hit a 5' - 8' circle every time, this laser makes it very easy. Oh, and it is very cool. :D
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    For in home use a 5-8 inch circle at out to say 20 feet is great!
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    On mounting the rail. How about some super epoxy? You might have to cut a hole in the bottom of the rail mount, so you can see the SN. Then rough up the bottom of the gun a bit, and the top of the rail. Not sure how long it would last, but there are some really REALLY good glues out there. BTW about 50% of the new aircraft are held together with glue. Strong and somewhat felxable.

    Just a thought.