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does your gun have a name?

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not sure if i posted in right section.....so i just bought a c9 but everyone keeps asking me if i gave it a name?
so wondering if your gun has a name.....i just call it baby since its my first gun lol
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I call my jhp .45 the cannon.
I named my S&W M&P .45 Paul :D...not kidding either :blink:
Piece Pipe - I tell my wife I'm going to the woods to smoke my "peace pipe". God only knows what she thinks I'm really doing.
'The Plauge' cause everytime I ask my wife to get it for me, she ascts like it is just that.
Grendel a la Beowulf

Piece Pipe - I tell my wife I'm going to the woods to smoke my "peace pipe". God only knows what she thinks I'm really doing.

mine is "the brick", because of it's less than sexy appearance... but it knows I mean it in love. ^-^
lol those are all good ones =)
still have no idea what mine should be....
My 995TS is named Gertrude. And lil miss Gertie is getting a makeover this week. She is going O.D.

Never named a car, never named a gun. They're tools and already have names...for the guns its brand or caliber.
mostly just name/brand/etc never named them save my 10ga single shot, known as "the crippler".

My JCP is the Wolf.

I have no names for other guns.
The only one I've named was my Ruger .357 Security Six (my first nice gun, back in '83). It was stainless and I called it White Iron - or just The Iron.
I occasionally consider naming my European guns (Mosins, Mausers, several 9x18 pistols) just for the novelty, but I probably couldn't keep them all straight.

I did name my 6" underlug barrel SS Pachmayr-gripped .357 revolver "Fluffy", though...
i'm naming my mossy 500 'Kevin' as of right now
My hi-point is called a c9, my Ruger is called a 10/22, my Beretta is a 92fs, my shotty is called a maverick 88, and my other hi-point is called a 995ts. Id say they all have names. :devilsidesmile:
I Have a Ruger Super Blackhawk in .44 mag. its name is Bad Mother F*****
shut your mouth....
After my wife kept referring to my JCP as the "big gun" (as opposed to the C9), we now just call it Big'un.
On reflection it has a name it's o..s...c...a...r, and a 2nd name too..it's m...a..y..oh wait scratch that, thats my bologna :D
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