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  1. I know these are typically used in the military, but have any of the civilians given any thought to getting a set with name, social security number, DOB, and blood type on them. I think these would come in handy if anyone had to provide help during an emergency.
  2. Where could someone get a set made?

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    How about here? Or, you could just go to one of the pet tag kiosks at places like Petco or Petsmart, and do your own.
  4. I think that I would leave my SS # off of the tag in case it got lost.
  5. 69burbon

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    Most military surplus stores can make them for a couple of bucks.
  6. My local walmart has a machine that has several shaped discs, one dog tag shaped, that you can put whatever you want on, up to so many letters per line with a so many line limit.

    Costs 5 bucks, a couple of minutes and you are done.
  7. Dog tags are a great idea. It's cheaper than medical jewelry that doesn't use a database.
  8. I don't think they are much good without social security number especially if you have a common name. Besides would they be any easier to lose than your wallet, which contains information probably much more damaging. These are around your neck so you constanly know if they are there or not.
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    Also, if you have reservations about putting your full social security number on your tags you could simpley inscibe XXX-XX-(last four of your ssn). Cross checking your full name and last 4 would land them with a full ID on your corpse... um person. =P

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    Ya that would work as well.
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    HA, Couldnt help but think of the Kurt Russel Movie SOLDIER.

    Had his name and rank and Info tatted to his face and arm.

    That would be the hard core way.

    just tat that sh_t to your body, hard to loose then unless terribly burned
  12. I am actually thinking of changing my Religious Preference just so I can get another set made at no charge and keep my original ones from BMT....
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    lots of Marines are getting tats to ID, just not ont he face like that dumb movie